Will ex-Northlane vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes be the next Alpha Wolf front man?

Now I’ll preface this article with this: This article is completely based on speculation and what little available information on the topics involved exists. That said, can’t help but think “Hey, just maybe”.

Starting from the chronological beginning of this theory, we need to go back to early September of 2014 when this happened:

Now for Northlane fans around the world, this news was an absolutely gut-wrenching event that saw a large range of emotions expressed by the general public, mostly being those of profound sadness. I know I personally was super cut up because at the time Northlane was one of my favourite bands. Now why I bring this up is pretty simple. Adrian states rather succinctly “This isn’t goodbye, rather I’ll see you all later.” – Cheers for the heads up.

Fast forward to January 9th of this year, via Instagram story, Fitipaldes shares this little gem:

Now no heavy scene publications have picked up on this, but between my close friends and me, this news was all we could talk about for weeks following Adrian’s post. To this day, Fitipaldes stands to be in my top 10 vocalists and lyricists of all time, and furthermore, one of my best mates got ‘Quantum Flux’ lyrics tattooed on his ribs just the other month! His work with Northlane was and still is timeless in not just my eyes, but in the eyes of fans worldwide.

So where does Alpha Wolf fit in with all of this?

The Vocalist had left, Alpha stated they’d be taking some time off to process everything that had occurred in the 24 hours following this incident. 3 months now have passed with no new news coming to light.

To the public, Alpha Wolf is in a state of unprecedented uncertainty. Having released arguably one of the best albums of 2017 for heavy music, with a trajectory set incredibly steeply in an upwards direction, it’s a crazy sight to see them come to a grinding halt, especially with opportunities like the Download Festival and Polaris’ Mortal Coil Tour so close around the corner. This leaves the band in an unusual situation where they clearly have enormous potential but lack the means to realize it.

Where I connect the dots on this theory comes here, but be warned this is merely a stipulation with little to hold it up other than coincidence and hope.

As a band in such a peculiar position, it would only make sense to ensure that the next move that they make is 1) Definitive of the direction they will take in this next chapter, and 2) An absolute game changer. With a label as influential through Australia as Greyscale Records, I imagine they would go to a great number of lengths to ensure that the artist on their roster with the greatest measurable potential will have that potential realized, and I propose there are few moves they could make that would have a greater impact than getting one of the most celebrated metalcore vocalists in recent times to join the ranks of Alpha Wolf, especially considering that he’s available and willing.

As a side note, I won’t deny that there is the strong possibility that this is not the case, as well as the grand possibility that Adrian would be instead joining forces with Cursed Earth as there is a vacant vocalist position and he did mention that band in his Instagram post. Top that off with the fact that joining Cursed Earth would see him on the same roster as his old friends in Northlane with UNFD and you have yourself a very compelling speculation, but alas that is not the article I am writing today!

Wherever Alpha Wolf and Fitipaldes end up, I can gladly say that I am more than anxious in anticipation of the news to come and that I will support them in their musical endeavors.

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