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Top 5 at 5 // All Aussie Hip-Hop

The thing that sets Australian rap apart from the global scene is that most artists are unique from each other. Aussie hip hop doesn't really have a defining genre, so most rappers change it up to try and make sense of their own Australian rap rendition. Here are my top 5 australian rappers to look out for in 2018!

5. Talakai

Talakai (or just Tala) is a hysterically good Aussie artist that is blowing up and hasn't shown signs of stopping. With his good heart for music and his crazy live performances, he has been rapping for years now and he still hasn't lost the heat. The tracks he's producing translate to one of the most energetic live acts in Australia, and these are just a few reasons why to keep an eye on Mr. Talakai in the coming months. He's going somewhere with his music and everyone who listens can tell that to.

4. Lil Sknow

Lil Sknow has been on the grind on his social media to get where he is now, which is clear as daylight looking at his soundcloud and youtube which he uploads to frequently. Sknow keeps doing what he does best by changing up his flow in an sporadically, which really shines when paired with his own unique take on Aussie rap. By taking the trap route, his crazy flows and Aussie flavour make for a unique and exciting experience. Definitely a face to be looking out for this year!

3. HUSKii

HUSKii has been absolutely rocking the internet with his rhymes. He has already become a defining name in Aussie hip hop with his gigantic cult-like following, amassing over 1 Million plays on his soundcloud tracks. He goes hard and honestly, he deserves it for all the work he has put it in. HUSKii's mad lyrics, demon-like flows and artistic integrity leave an unforgettable impression. This is definitely a name you've heard of if you're part of the scene, but if not then look out for him this year, you won't be disappointed!

2. Chillinit

What If I told you that Chillinit has one of the craziest flows in the Aussie hip hop game would you believe me? Of course you would, because it is 101% true. I'm not gonna sit here just expect you to believe me though, check out his latest track below and let me know what you think!

1. Fortay

Fortay has been a huge name in the rap industry for a while now, and not just in Australian rap. He has one of the largest aussie rap fanbases to boot and has some ridiculous numbers when it comes to views and followers. Honestly, he deserves it all because hands down, he is one of the tightest rhyming rappers in the scene. He's still making hip hop hits and they're still blowing up online. If you don't know who Fortay is then go listen to one of his tracks! He is going to be releasing heaps of new music this year so I suggest to follow his social media for updates as well as the rest of the artists on this list.

These guys deserve all the fame they have garnered. They truly are the taking over the Aussie scene.

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