Dinners With Dan # 18 - Honey I'm Home

Hey, so I’m back after a bit of a break. Not that anyone probably noticed but ye…. This week I’ve decided to have a look at my favourite soundtracks/themes and scenes in movies that showcase a song that just GOES with it, ya get me?

I’ll start by saying I have a HUGE love for shitty horror movies and the cheesiness that comes along with them. So excuse me if I include a few to begin with.

Right off the bat – the master of all soundtracks.

John Carpenter // Halloween Theme

Not only did he create my favourite movie of ALL TIME (Halloween) he writes some incredible, 80’s synth music that just works so well. His soundtracks are always the best thing about his movies, well even when they are shit his music still prevails. He has also released a couple albums called "Lost Themes" – Which I highly recommend.

Bernard Herrmann // Psycho Theme

CLASSIC, obviously!

Danny Elfman // Batman 1989 Theme

Danny is a HUGE composer. He hass done so much work on movies that it becomes increasingly hard to narrow it down to one, but Batman 1989 will always be my favourite. It pretty much made me aware of ‘themes’ in moves when I was a kid. It’s so iconic and so hard to surpass.

John Williams // Jaws Theme

People will say Star Wars nah, Indiana Jones nah, Superman NO – JAWS come on. Can you think of a more menacing score to a movie. It embodied the whole way the movie worked – simplistic and terrifying!

Almost Famous // Elton John // Tiny Dancer

Probably one of my favourite scenes that incorporated a song so perfectly. The movie is great and this scene is fucking fantastic. A much watch for any music fan.

The Devils Rejects // Lynyrd Skynyrd // Freebird

Still one of my favourite more recent horror movies and without a doubt one of my favourite endings to a movie. It works so well with the song it’s a epic way to end what is one hell of a movie!!

Reservoir Dogs // Stuck In The Middle // Stealers Wheel

Tarantino has made some of my favourite movies and has produced some of the most evocative scenes in cinema history! But this one will always be remembered!!

So, that’s a few of my favourites! Movies and music work so well it’s hard to narrow it down to a few but I gave it my best shot! If you haven’t seen the movies mentioned, do yourself a favour and give them a watch, not just the scenes but the whole damn thing cause they are great films!

Dan's Nostalgic Track Of The Week - Dreams // Fleetwood Mac

Dan's Local Track Of The Week - Flop // Phil Wolfendale


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