Clue // Guy Problems [Single Review]

Song: Guy Problems

Artist: Clue

Release: Single

Area: Melbourne

Date Of Release: 3/1/2018

Genre: Hip Hop

Reviewer: Daniel Balcombe

Producer: Pattyboomba

‘All clear for that new FIFA this month, but 50 matches in a sitting it just isn’t enough’

Clue dropped ‘Guy Problems’ earlier this year as a single from his EP "Australian Famous" and from what I have heard so far, the man has some skills. The track is a tongue in cheek track with elements that are honest but spoken in a pure comedic way.

The track kicks off with the hook and my first thought was is this song a tongue in cheek track? Is it to be taken seriously? When the first verse kicks in I’m happy to hear the Aussie accent, nothing shits me more then Aussie hip hop artists putting on that shitty Americanized accent! Instantly the lyrics drew me in and I realised the track is definitely tongue in cheek/comedic and I love it. We have a lot of over serious songs in the Aussie hip hop scene and it’s refreshing to hear someone not take themselves too seriously but also hit the nail on the head with what they are saying.

As the song progresses the hook comes back in and my head is nodding along with a big smile on my face. The lyrics are the standout and the delivery is top notch. The flow is nothing extravagant, it’s quite laid back and relaxed which really gives the lyrics their time to shine and lets the listener go on the journey of ‘Guy Problems’.

The production is pretty sweet too. I’m more of a fan of hip hop that doesn’t focus to much of big beats and instrumentation that takes over the message and flow of the track. ‘Guy Problems’ has enough ebbs and flows on the beat that it services the flow well and never over powers it showcasing Clues lyrical flow and humor.

Overall my impression was, this is a fun track. The lyrics are good and easily relatable (for guys – more stereotypical then anything) and it’s refreshing to see a artist be able to write a track that is humorous and doesn’t need to resort to vulgar over the top lyrics, there is a couple of mentions of a boner and piss in a urinal but the lyrics are so true it’s impossible to complain!

Comedic tracks are hard to pigeon hole. Obviously Clue is rapping firmly with his tongue in his cheek, poking fun at ‘middle class’ males who seemingly have it pretty ‘easy’. No doubt the track is funny but it’s also pretty honest. Guys always have a tendency to not focus on their issues in life, cause that’s not manly right? Although the issues stated here aren’t necessarily the most pressing issues we face, the message is still there for all to hear. Talk about your shit. No matter how big or small.

Lyrics: 4/5

Flow: 7/10

Delivery: 7/10

Beats: 7/10

Production: 8/10

Would You Go And See Them (WYGAST) 3/5

Overall: 75/100

Personal Enjoyment: 8/10

#Clue #Pattyboomba

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