Dinners With Dan #19 - Cover It Up

Hey, so this week I've decided to have a look at COVERS and if the old saying rings true, "The Original is always better, man".

While that statement is cliched and over used it has some truth to it. The main word there being SOME. I mean like, I love the original John Carpenter 'Halloween' movie more then the Rob Zombie remake, but that doesn't mean it has to be old (original) to be better. That's just one example and has nothing to do with music so I'll get back to that.

The below are some covers that I either dig, don't really care for or LOVE:

Bad Wolves // Zombie (The Cranberries)

This song cover came out right around the time Dolores O'Riordan passed away. I was really really skeptical at first. I mean 'Zombie' is a great tune and a band I never heard of was releasing a cover, and weirder then that it was a Metal cover. The first listen i wasn't too fussed, it grew on me enough till i think it's ok. It doesn't ruin the song (which is great) but it doesn't beat the original. It's just a solid 'updated' version of it.

Original -

Alien Ant Farm // Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson)

It's always hard to play a Michael Jackson song, well play it well. His got a crazy good voice and the music is molded to it. But Alien Ant Farm do a SWEET job. The riff works so well distorted and the bass is awesome throughout the track. It's cheesy as hell and belongs solidly in the 1999 - 2002 era of American Pie but it's a sweet cover and always brings a smile to ya face.

Original -

In Fear and Faith // Gangstas Paradise (Coolio)

I won't lie, I actually dig the Coolio track. It's the essential mid 90's 'Hood' film ANTHEM. When i first heard the cover i laughed. Not because it was bad, it isn't great but it was fun. The over auto tuned vocals in the chorus made me laugh but the 3rd verse breakdown is AWESOME! In a completely ironic no need to be done kind of way but still entertaining and it's put up here and there over the years and I don't turn it off.

Original -

Marilyn Manson // Tainted Love (Soft Cell // Gloria Jones)

A COVER WITHIN A COVER OF A COVER - COVERCEPTION!!! Where's Chris Nolan when you need him. I've always been a fan of the cheesiness of the Soft Cell song (which I had no idea was a cover till right now) the Gloria Jones original is actually pretty cool, in the old 60's big band kind of way. But the Manson cover was one of my first real times being introduced to him. I had heard couple of tracks but never really took much notice of him. Maybe it was the film clip, maybe it was the beat of the song or maybe it was because at the time I really enjoyed 'Not Another Teen Movie' but I really dug the cover. It still holds up now I think to!

Cover -

Original -

Limp Bizkit // Behind Blue Eyes (The Who)

It's been said this is one of the worst covers ever, and I don't know. It's not really good. IT is pretty bad, but the worst? That's a hard one. BUT there is a really fucking awkward minute long pash scene between Fred and Hallie Berry in the film clip.

So that's all the covers I can get through right now. There are a TONNE of covers out there so it will always be a topic of discussion. You think any of the ones I've mentioned beat the original or are the originals better.

Dan's Unsigned Cover -

Dans local cover // Maps To Eden // Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar) -


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