The Human Cortex // Inhibition [Single Review]

Song: Inhibition Band: The Human Cortex Release: Inhibition Area: Newcastle Date of release: 3/6/2018 Genre: Progressive Metal Record Label: Independent Mix/Master: Darcy Long For Fans Of: Meshuggah, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Periphery

“held back by unknown suppression, loss of sight from abandoned vision”

So personally I had never heard of these guys prior to a mate of mine pointing me in their direction. This song is one of the most beefy yet intricate tracks I've heard come out of the local scene in a while. The Human Cortex are a studio project based in Newcastle NSW.

Inhibitions opens up with a reversed delay effect (where it takes the chord played, reverses it and spits it out twice) and a clean guitar over it. This combination lead me initially to believe the song was gonna be a chill scream laid back prog song, like the ones with clean guitars and grainy screams over top. To my surprise it didn't end up being so predictable. The beefed up pinch harmonic riff kicked in and blew me away. Even though this style has been done hundreds if not thousands of times before and is getting repetitive I still have a soft spot for it.

The fact I’ve heard the style before but this song still manages to have some fresh feeling to it making it highly unique within it’s niche in my eyes.

Vocals: 8/10 Guitars: 9/10 Bass: 7/10 Drums: 8/10 Lyrics: 4/5 WYGAST 5/5

Mixing: 9/10 Production: 18/20 Structure: 19/20

Overall: 85/100 Personal Enjoyment: 9/10

#Progressive #Meshuggah #TheDillingerEscapePlan

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