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Young Athias - Victorian MC Goes OldSchool

Young Athias is an Australian rapper from Victoria who has a wide variety of skills as demonstrated through the large catalogue of songs he's been writing and recording for years now, and he hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. His lyrics are about the struggles of life and blazing some dankness which are accompanied by an array of different styles of beats. His primary genre is trap, but he is still writing old school and boom bap beats. He has a reasonable amount of social media presence, dropping tracks all over facebook and youtube. The songs are generally hard, raw and vulgar; classic Australian rap.

Athias has also stepped up to the next level by starting up a record label, AthiasMedia.Co, which he coined the term “backyard label” which is all about helping local and upcoming rap artists get started in their careers, which i think is a really honourable thing to do. Rap isn't all about dissing everyone and being a hater, it's mostly about sticking together and helping each other out while on your way to the top. Teamwork at its finest.

Athias has a Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Youtube channel, all together racking up thousands of fans. I recommend hitting up his soundcloud which has both old and new tracks uploaded from time to time. You'll find it's is bursting with different genres and styles.

Athias has a distinctive style and tends to twist up his flow regularly; not many other rappers can say they can do that as well as he does. His wordplay is insane and you'll really hear the craziness im talking about if you decide to press play on one of his tracks. In my honest opinion, Athias deserves way more attention for the amount of dedication he has put into his artistry and the scene throughout his career. I truly hope he continues delivering the raw lyrics and hefty beats he creates until the world explodes from the heat he is letting off.


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