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Hadal Maw // Charlatan [EP Review]

Band: Hadal Maw

Release: Charlatan

Area: Melbourne

Date of release: August 3rd

Genre: Metal

Reviewer: Rob Ryan

Record label: N/A

Mixer: N/A

Masterer: N/A

For fans of: Gojira

Next gig: Touring Australia this August

"Trust in Me"

Melbourne Death Metal icons Hadal Maw have not dropped the ball with their new "Charlatan" EP. This release is a huge step up from their previous release, "OLM" – this EP truly epitomises what perfect death metal should sound like.

The opening track 'Idolatry' is an amazing choice to start the EP with due to the energetic vocals and strong guitar tones that give a huge insight to just how large and strong this EP will actually be. To close this track, vocalist Sam Dillon gives it his all, screaming his heart out – a concept that is used to show immense emotion which Dillon truly did justice. Half way through the song, you can hear a small clean vocal line, that although is not prominent, creates a strong atmosphere that adds to the melodic styling of the song.

The second track, 'Vilified', is somewhat similar to the first track – strong powerful guitar riffs and vocals from the first second. This is broken up though by an impacting and technical lead guitar line that adds a much-needed extra element to the song. Overall, this song is powerful and layers in further concepts on top of those from the opening track, investing the listener further into this fantastic EP.

The third track is, in my opinion, the highlight of the EP. 'White Elephant' demonstrates exactly how a metal song should be written. Exploding with a strong guitar presence from the first beat, this anthem of a song is captivating from the first note. As the song progresses, the drums kick in with a fast-paced double kick and quick guitar riffs, which changes the entire pace of the song. Musically, this song ties the EP together in such a strong way.

The final two songs are a two-part song entitled 'Charlatan I' & 'II'. The flow between these two songs is unreal, and the band should credit themselves on this. 'Charlatan I' is a series of strong melodies, riffs and heavy drums, which eventually dies down to make way for the second part. Part II is an explosion of amazing melodies and guitar tones. With a strong mix of clean vocals (where necessary) and screams, the song is constructed in such a way that it captivates the listener so powerfully that they will want to just listen to the EP all over again.

Ultimately, this EP is a step forward for the band, and an amazing EP to have released as they depart for a large Australian tour in August. This is not a band to sleep on, and I can assure you that this EP will send them off to do great things.

Vocals: 6/10

Guitars: 9/10

Bass: 7 /10

Drums: 10/10

Lyrics: 3/5


Mixing: 10/10

Production: 20/20

Structure: 18/20

Overall: 90/100

Personal Enjoyment: 8/10

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