Whisky Grinn // Ain't Slowin' Down [Single Review]

Song: Ain’t Slowin’ Down Band: Whisky Grinn Release: Single Area: Brisbane Date of release: 24/08/2018 Genre: Hard Rock Reviewer: Daniel Balcombe For Fans Of: Devine Electric, Guns n Roses, Wolfmother

Good old fashioned rock and roll oozes from the pores of the new single 'Ain't Slowin' Down' by Brisbane based Hard Rock band Whiksy Grinn. From the lead licks, pounding drums, bass walks and scratchy vocals you'll be nodding along and air guitaring until your hearts content. The song kicks off with a nice lead lick and moves into the first verse. the singers scratchy / harsh voice fits the vibe of the track perfectly. It cracks and breaks, throws little bits of falsetto in that keeps the track interesting. The guitar work is sweet throughout the track and the drums and bass keep everyone moving along at a good pace. I dig the bridge where the spoken vocals come through a kind of megaphone sound and then builds up to what you would think would be a blistering guitar solo but it breaks down again, only to tease you with another couple of blistering notes then we are back to the chorus. The added touch of backing vocals in the final chorus gives the ending a nice touch and we finish off the song with the opening placing us right back where we started. To be honest, I haven't come across too many Aussie bands playing this kind of American Rock n Roll, but I was pretty impressed with how Whisky Grinn made it there own. The production is sweet and on point for the majority of the track, the bass could be a little louder but overall each instrument plays it's parts well and they are tight. The added vocals in the last chorus are sweet and as mentioned earlier the megaphone effect in the bridge is awesome. Overall, I was impressed with the track. It's not really the style I listen to, I am a big fan of "Gunners" and I could see their influence here. The only thing was, I was expecting a big fuck off face melting solo which didn't come, but I guess that's just my personal taste and what I was hoping from the vibe of the track. I'm keen to listen to more of these lads and I have been and the nostalgic feeling i get from them puts a smile on my face and makes me want to bust out some tight denim jeans and jump on a Harley! Vocals: 8/10 Guitars: 8/10 bass: 6.5/10 Drums: 7/10 Lyrics: 3.5/5 Would You Go And See Them (WYGAST) 3.5/5

Mixing: 7/10 Production: 16/20 Structure: 16/20

Overall: 75.5/100 Personal Enjoyment: 7/10

#WhiskyGrinn #DevineElectric #GunsnRoses

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