Break Fate // Miraculous [Single Review]

Song: Miraculous

Band: Break Fate

Release: Single

Area: UK

Date of release: 31/1/2018

Genre: Pop Punk

Reviewer: Daniel Balcombe

For Fans Of: Transit, Jimmy Eat World, Misser

“There’s an inner peace I’m trying to access, a place where my flaws stand on trial and confess"

Break Fate are a new Two piece (now Three Piece) Pop Punk band hailing from the Sunny UK. I stumbled upon them when they threw their track up in a Pop Punk group I was in and on my first listen, I was hooked.

The song begins with some nice chords ringing out which gave me a kind of ‘Iris' Goo Goo Dolls vibe. The drums kick in and I’m hooked on the vocalist voice instantly. The first verse builds nicely into a catchy, head nodding chorus which got stuck in my head on the first listen.

The structure of the remainder of 'Miraculous' is interesting, it’s not your stock standard verse, chorus, verse, chorus. After the second verse we breakdown completely to a nice delayed guitar riff and echoing vocals which comes together in one high note and then you are smack bang right in the middle of the chorus again. It’s refreshing to see a band not follow the standard structure and not be afraid to change it up a bit.

I’ve got to say, I connect with the lyrics. I think lots of people could. To be honest it’s the main reason the track stuck in my head (along with the change up of the structure and the melodies) the lyrics are fantastic. ‘I’m afraid I’ll never ascend, Realities too deep to swim in’ I MEAN COME ON!

The track overall is an attention grabber. It left me wanting so much more from the Break Fate lads. The production quality is sweet throughout and the film clip for the song is also fantastic.

When I write for Behind The Scene I like to stick to local (Aussie) bands, because that’s what we are all about. BUT I felt like more people need to hear this track. The lyrics are about facing the reality of the world we live in and facing depression and sadness head on and not giving up. It’s a song with great structure and a great sound, it’s not heavy and doesn’t incorporate riffs, solos or pounding drums but it does have an emotion to it that you FEEL and that’s what music is all about, FEELING IT.

Well done Break Fate, you’ve got this Aussie HOOKED.

Vocals: 8/10

Guitars: 7/10

Bass: 6/10

Drums: 6.5/10

Lyrics: 5/5

Would You Go And See Them (WYGAST) 4/5

Mixing: 7/10

Production: 17/20

Structure: 18/20

#BreakFate #Misser

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