Movements X Eat Your Heart Out X Ambleside X Whatever, Forever @ Hamilton Hotel [GIG REPORT]

Headliner: Movements

Supports: Eat Your Heart Out, Ambleside, Whatever, Forever

Date: 30th August

Venue: The Hamilton Hotel Station

Presented By: Destroy All Lines

Photos: Byron Hall

It’s been a lot longer than I'd like it to have been since I went to my last gig so I was definitely more than keen for a good night that went on to exceeded my expectations. After driving in the freezing cold with no heating it couldn’t have felt longer (at least this time it wasn't a 4 hours train ride). I was happy to arrive not as early as I normally would for a lot of the previous shows I’ve been to, the venue was filling and the hype had definitely built up. I'd never been to The Hammo before, the band room was cute and quite tiny but apart from the lighting it was great.

- Whatever, Forever -

Whatever, Forever are a band from Sydney that we all need to listen to a lot more. I’d never heard of them before the night but I wish I had, I’ve been missing out. They were a great fit with the line up, were very loud, had a lot of energy, and great structure to their songs. They opened up the crowd brilliantly, it felt like a great place to be. The bass line and drums were something to follow and I was in awe when I heard three vocalists at once. My favourite song of the set was 'Decay' the melodic punk sound of this band is something I’ll be following for sure. The performance was overall very engaging and energetic.

- Ambleside -

Being the second time I’ve done a live review of Ambleside, I was definitely more excited for this one after listening to them probably a bit too much for a couple months now. It somehow felt like an even better sound then the first time leaving me to like this band even more. Since Thursday night 'Wash Away' has been stuck in my head and I can’t complain. Being so close to such a great sound is something special. I’m more than keen for a new album and I can’t wait to see what’s next for Ambleside.

- Eat Your Heart Out -

I’ve followed this band from the start, I first saw them when I was only 14 at one of my first ever gigs. Six years after that they’ve come so far and have arguably created one of the best sounds in the area. They put on one of the best shows I’ve seen this year, from the start to finish it was somewhere I loved to be. We all edged closer to the stage as each song went on, especially as Patrick came out of what felt like nowhere to sing his part in 'Conscience' it felt beyond comparable to any other feature I've seen live. Eat Your Heart Out are another band i’m keen to see what awaits for them.

- Movements -

As the set was getting ready to begin, one thing I had noticed was that it was pretty crowded. As soon as they started performing I realized that there were a lot more fans in Newcastle for this band than I had anticipated, looking at so many people sing along to the songs was great! Seeing Movements live gave me something the studio recordings can’t, its truly something special. The mix sounded perfect and every note heard was hit brilliantly and on time, each song was better than the last. It was a perfect end to a great night and I’ll be making the effort to see these guys again in their next tour.

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