Fracture The Frame // Open Letter [Single Review]

Song: Open Letter

Band: Fracture The Frame

Release: Single

Area: Morgantown, West Virginia

Date of release: 01/01/2018

Genre: Pop Punk

For Fans Of: A Day To Remember, Four Year Strong

“We’re Sleeping on the Floor, Can’t Stand my mattress anymore, I’d rather fry here in the van, things are now getting out of hand"

One of the main things I like about writing these reviews is I get to find out about bands that I more than likely wouldn’t have before. Fracture the Frame are a solid outfit and I was pretty impressed with what I heard PLUS they are my first overseas band (bar Underoath) that I’ve had the chance to review so it’s good seeing what is bands are out there in this crazy world!

‘Open Letter’ begins with a thumping guitar, bass and drum beat and a nice lead lick thrown over the top that cuts through the stop starting nature of the opening. As the song builds the drummer goes crazy, moving their way around the kit the guitarist adds in a nice pic scrape and we are underway. The syncopated nature of the track really had my head nodding, it’s hard to not nod along when the instrumentation is doing it for you. The guitar, bass and drums really keep moving at a great pace, stopping and starting along the way to really give the track a metal flavour, but not getting so heavy fans of Pop Punk will be turned off.

The lead vocalist has a pretty solid voice. It works very well with what the band is producing and I’m a fan of the layered/duel vocals that come in throughout the chorus and the nice delayed effect that creeps in. The track progresses nightly, adding just the right amount of Guitar licks to the thumping almost marching like style of the rest of the band.

The bridge in the track focuses on a big breakdown. Filled with double bass, duelling guitars and I’m sure plenty of moshing. As we get to the end of ‘Open Letter’ some nice duel vocals kick in (which I’ve always been a fan of) and it really does go out with a bang!

The production quality is also good on the track. On some occasions it’s hard to make out what the vocalist is saying, but on a couple more listens I get it and I was a big fan of the lyrics. As a fellow musician I related to the fact that most things boil down to the band you’re in and the music that your writing, traveling and spending every last cent you have on something that is almost impossible to crack but gives you one HELL of a good time.

Overall I am fan of ‘Open Letter’. It really reminded me of the mid to late 2000’s pop punk/metal bands that came out and produced well written and fun music. I’m a big fan of the duel vocals and the drummer has a hell of a time. Good work lads, you’ve made another fan over her in AUS and I can’t wait to wrap my ears around some more of your work!


Vocals: 7/10

Guitars: 7.5/10

Bass: 6/10

Drums: 9/10

Lyrics: 5/5

Would You Go And See Them (WYGAST) 4/5

Mixing: 7/10

Production: 16/20

Structure: 16/20

Overall: 77.5/100

Personal Enjoyment: 7/10

#FractureTheFrame #ForYearStrong #ADayToRemember

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