RoXferry // King [Single Review]

Song: King Band: RoXferry

Release: Single Area: Mid North Coast Date of release: 13/09/2018 Genre: Funky Hard Rock / Alt Pub Rock Reviewer: Byron Hall For Fans Of: Wolfmother, AC/DC

Starting off with the funkiest of Banjo riffs, I am instantly reminded of Jack Ass; I knew that these Mid North Coast lads were ready to rock. RoXferry come from a little place not too far from where I grew up, it's really cool that there are actually bands coming out of more regional areas, that being said I have no idea where these boys organic influences come from. I could notice hints of Wolfmother, speed metal chord progressions and a poppy bassline that helped carry the instrumental melody quite nicely through the verse sections.

At one point during the breakdown I got hectic vibes of some late 80's hair metal, with a wailing siren effect following the choppy-changey guitar riff, and then spiralling out of control over the bridge, out comes a mental riff sequence that manages to nicely tie back into the banjo riff from the start of the song.

At this point the track takes a big trip to "AD/DCville" with a 'TNT' sounding "Fight, Fight Fight' in the same vein of "Oi, Oi, Oi" which I thought was some pretty cool homage to pay for sure.

My only gripe with this song would have to be the production. For the most part, tones on the instruments are great, and all the sounds were captured quite cleanly which works great for this style, but the mix itself wasn't quite punchy enough and did the vocals no real favours, leaving them to sit dryly on top of the instrumentals. That said, being the bands first release and music video, they've done quite well and the musicianship is clearly there. The introduction of an infrequently used instrument in the genre has also helped give 'King' some added personality in my opinion, which certainly works in their favour, leaving me keen to see where the lads go next.

Vocals: 8/10 Guitars: 8/10 bass: 6.5/10 Drums: 7/10 Lyrics: 3.5/5 Would You Go And See Them (WYGAST) 3.5/5

Mixing: 6/10 Production: 14/20 Structure: 16/20

Overall: 72.5/100 Personal Enjoyment: 7/10

#Roxferry #Wolfmother #ACDC

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