Vatic // Lament [Video Review]

Song: Lament

Band: Vatic

Release: Lament

Area: Melbourne, Australia.

Date of release: 20/06/2018

Genre: Melodic Metalcore

Reviewer: Michael Dixon

Record Label: Independent

Mixed & Mastered: Nick Sjogren

Videographer: Wolves in the Woodwork Visuals.

For Fans Of: Foxblood, Dream on Dreamer.

Vatic are a new Melodic Metalcore band from Melbourne consisting of members from past and present local bands including Reside (Dylan Houston – Drums), Xure (Matt Payne – Vocals), To The Gallows (Zak Luttrell – Bass/Clean Vocals) and Ignite Antares (Adam Bonnefin - Guitar). As you can see, I’ve done my research but I’ve also had plenty of experience going out to shows and promoting plenty of different local bands over the years.

The debut music video for 'Lament' was filmed by Jackson Webster of Wolves in the Woodwork Visuals. There are many subtle effects to appreciate in this video from the camera zooming in and out of focus, close-up shots of each of the band members, digital distortion and colourful blurring. The narrative follows a young woman struggling to deal with her fears and emotions, using alcohol and journal writing on a notepad to wash them away. She also appears to be sleepwalking and perhaps possessed by the dark hooded figure seen lurking behind her.

Musically it’s a pretty solid track with vocalist Matt Payne stepping up as a frontman and carrying most of the vocal duties in terms of screams. Bassist Zak Luttrell provides a lovely contrast to this with some mellowed out cleans in the background. The electronic and djent elements also work well against the hard hitting drums and tight guitar riffs. Hopefully this band can strive to push the boundaries a bit more and break out of the current climate of generic Melodic Metalcore bands. The local scene has become over-saturated with them but all it takes is some creativity and talent to stand out from the pack.

Vocals: 8.5/10

Guitars: 8/10

Bass: 7.5/10

Drums: 7/10

Lyrics: 3.5/5

Video Narrative : 7/10

Video Production: 16/20

Visual Effectiveness : 20/25

Overall: 77/100

Personal Enjoyment: 8/10

#Vatic #Foxblood #DreamOnDreamer

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