360 // Money [Video Review]

Song: Money

Artist: 360

Release: Vintage Modern

Area: Melbourne

Date of release: 24/06/2018

Genre: Hip Hop

Reviewer: Daniel Balcombe

Record Label: Forthwrite Records & EMI

Videographer: Rush @ Rush Entertainment Group

For Fans Of: Bliss n Eso, Hilltop Hoods, PEZ, Seth Sentry

I used to be a HUGE fan of 360 when I was just out of high school and was really starting to get into Hip Hop more. He along with Bliss n Eso, PEZ, Atmosphere and Tupac were the defining artists who actually made me appreciate Hip Hop for what it was. Being a ‘punk/metalhead’ growing up I always had the assumption that Hip Hop was all about ‘Boats, Hoes and Money’. In some cases, I was right, BUT there are a tonne of artists who actually have talent and rap about issues that are relevant and pressing.

But like I said, I USED to be a huge fan of 360. I jumped ship when he dropped "Utopia". To be honest, I got over the beats, the auto tune and the lyrics about how tough his life was compared to everyone else. I stopped listening to him altogether, even though I still enjoyed his earlier material I jumped ship and hadn’t looked back.

I was pretty hesitant going into this review knowing that I more than likely would not enjoy the track if it was anything like "Utopia" but I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t blown away, but I was happy to hear that 360 seemed to return a little to his roots and his lyrics (at least for this track) are really fucking good.

The video is awesome. I think it really helped me enjoy the song as I wasn't on board initially. The video picks up with a guy who is walking through the suburbs (Footscray I’m guessing) and he is passing by people who have little to no money - Homeless people, street vendors selling materials for cheap and also showing off aspects the local community. I dug the vibe of the video as it matched the lyrics and sound of the track perfectly. Cut in-between the scenes we see 60 throughout, the dude looks completely different then I remember (not that, that is important - just an observation).

As the video progresses we actually see the main character proceed to rob a convenience store, his running out spilling bills as he takes to the streets and back alleys to get away. He manages to get away and stops for a moment to catch his breath, only to be caught in the end by the police. It’s a pretty simple story but with a strong message. Money DOES rule everything. We live for it, work for it and we NEED it to survive. It’s depressing but a realistic thing about life.

I’m not a 360 fan (anymore). I’ll say that, but I was impressed with the vibe/lyrics and message behind Money and the film clip itself. It’s a well-made video and the narrative was simple but effective and I was happy to hear 360 rapping about something that I connected with directly and there wasn’t any overused auto-tune or ‘Beats’ that made me shudder.

Well done 360, it’s actually made me want to go and listen to the rest of "Vintage Modern".. just in case that old flame can be lit again.

Lyrics: 4.5/5

Flow: 7/10

Delivery: 7/10

Beats: 7/10

Production: 8/10

Would You Go And See Them (WYGAST) 2/5

Video Narrative : 7/10

Video Production: 18/20 Visual Effectiveness: 23/25

Overall: 83.5/100

#360 #HilltopHoods #BlissnEso

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