A Night In Texas X Resist The Thought X Iconoclast X Ame Noire X Munt 666



Headliner: A NIGHT IN TEXAS Supports: Resist The Thought, Iconoclast, Ame Noire, Munt 666 Date: Friday September 21st, 2018 Venue: The Workers Club. 51-55 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

Photos: Elgin Jiale



I’ve calculated that it’s been around 6 weeks since I last attended a local gig. I can attribute this to a number of factors: life getting in the way, jugging other commitments, my mental health deteriorating, lack of sleep and energy, lack of money, the fact that most gigs these days are located around the inner suburbs of Melbourne. And yet there’s still a part of me that misses going out to shows and bumping into friends and band mates.

Of course with the AFL Preliminary Finals on tonight, the front bar of the venue was pretty busy. Luckily, I ended up bumping into the boys from RESIST THE THOUGHT and they kindly offered me to sit with them. I ordered my usual Workers parma with a pint of Old Mate pale ale. I felt really comfortable hanging out with these guys. Social situations will inevitably always be a challenge for me but a challenge can always be risen to and beaten.

The large flat screens showed a live telecast of the game between Richmond and Collingwood with the national anthem being sung followed by the first bounce. As I’ve stated in earlier blogs, I’m really not a passionate footy supporter even though my family does barrack for the tigers. I just can’t get into the sport no matter how hard I’ve tried. My focus was on enjoying my night and seeing a few bands play.

It didn’t take long for the band room to start filling up with payers. There was probably around 40 or so people over the course of the night which is relatively decent considering it was a footy night. I bumped into a few friends and band mates.

- Munt 666 -

MUNT666 are a Melbourne-based Black Grinding Death Metal band. I’ve known the vocalist Timothy James Richmond for a while now from this band The Seraphim Veil as well as bassist Rondre Threethousand from Overpower. The boys managed to put on an impressive opening set with intense beat down sections, piercing screams and hair windmills. They really managed to set it off and get a few members of the crowd involved too. Be sure to check out their latest single Seeds of the Machine here

- Ame Noire -

AME NOIRE are a Melbourne-based Melancholic Death Metal band who always put on a wildly entertaining live performance. The boys were pulling out all the stops with loads of chugging guitar riffs and powerful growling vocals. Lead vocalist Alex Hill has a talent for pulling off the most terrifying death metal facial expressions, showing the whites of the eyes and dropping some druel out his mouth. Similarly, bassist Toby Thomas is highly animated and puts in plenty of energy into his vocal performance. Their debut EP The Tree That Bears Rotten Fruit is available here.

- Iconoclast -

ICONOCLAST are a Perth-based Heavy Groove Metal band. It’s been a couple of years since I last heard from these guys and now they’re back with Bailey Schembri (vocalist of Bury The Kings) filling in on vocals. Bailey is always bringing his A-game to live performances with gripping brutal lows and dark menacing screams. There was plenty of heavy breakdowns, low-tuned guitars and an intense mosh pit happening during their set. You can listen to their new single In Ashes here.

- Resist The Thought -

RESIST THE THOUGHT are a Sydney-based Heavy Melodic Death Metal band who I sadly missed the last time they were out touring in Melbourne. And so tonight I was determined to stick around for them and I was really glad that I did. After a six year break from the local music scene, the boys have returned stronger than ever before. There were loads of massive breakdowns, tight guitar riffs and brutal screams to be heard during their set with some friendly banter in between songs. Be sure to check out their new single Awakened Salvation here.

- A Night In Texas -

A NIGHT IN TEXAS are a five piece Technical Deathcore band based in Brisbane. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay for their set but make sure you check out their most recent single Scorched Earth here.

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