A Chat with The Forever Invention

Can you give us a brief history of The Forever Invention?

The project started after having musical differences with previous projects and struggles in life around that time.  My friend Chris Lalic who was starting his career in the music industry with his band Windwaker offered to help me out recording and finding other musicians Aiden Malacaria from Ghosts of Pandora and Will King from Windwaker.

How did the band originate?

Well a lot of my material I had actually come up with when I was in high school listening to bands like Strapping Young Lad, Lamb Of God and Tool but it changed a few times till I finally got a solid Idea for a demo and some influence by Chris really brought it to life.  

What is the origin of the name?

The name actually came from a lyric from the band Strapping Young Lad originally which was “we’ve all returned, Forever’s Invention, the two became one…” It also meant something to me suffering from mental illness cause at times it felt like I was living in a predestination paradox it felt like whatever happened in life was inevitable and also was a tongue and cheek dig at religion that nothing lasts forever and heaven is just a creation, after all the mind is a powerful thing.

What's the first band who made you love music?

My favourite band that made me start listening music album by album was Queen when I was 8 years old, my parents gave me a Queen CD every year for Christmas and birthdays not realising at times I already owned some of the albums they gave me.

Can you explain what goes on during the writing process?

Well I start a few demos using a DAW program like "Studio One". We had about ten tracks or concepts finished or unfinished and I’d run it by Chris.  most of the material gets changed as his much better at writing drum patterns then I and we reconstruct it to make a whole song most of the “Epigenetic EP” was done over 5 days we’d start from 9am and finish a day at 8pm, after that we sent the tracks to the singers who were interested in collaborating with us.

What does EPIGENETIC mean to you?  

Hopefully something that someone else finds enjoyment in the music like I did when I first got interest in it, but it’s also a milestone for me making it this far, as at times it really hasn’t been easy.

Do you have any shows coming up?

We’ve all talked about doing shows but as there is no group to play all the parts until we can get a group willing to play it, not all the people on the project are as keen as I to do shows but a few are so fingers crossed, it might happen.

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