Venice May // Hiding Place [Single Review]

Song: Hiding place

Artist: Venice May

Release: Illusion is Inevitable

Area: Paris, Kiev

Date of release: 28th of September

Genre: Alt/Melancholic Rock

Mixed/Mastered: Alexey Stetsyuk @ Grave Town Production

For Fans Of: A Perfect Circle, Brand New and Radiohead

“The world, it is sinking, But mine’s such a fine boat - Climb atop darling - Oh I’ll keep you afloat Be your hiding place On the rocking waves”

Venice May’s ‘Hiding Place’ released this September on Youtube, Spotify, Itunes and Soundcloud and is a hauntingly beautiful track. This song from the Paris/Kiev based band off the debut album "Illusion is Inevitable" and is a great start for the band.

This small ensemble led by couple Natalia and Vincent does an amazing job creating a unique sound in this star track ‘Hiding place’. It has very good sound and mix considering it was entirely recorded in their apartment in Paris. The guitar piece is gracious and intriguing, suitably paired with haunting vocals from Natalia. Drums are simple and effective; this is good, considering there is a fair bit going on in this track already.

I feel that this song could do away with the trope of repeating the same words for the chorus as most songs these days do. They’ve done such a great job of making a unique sound for the rest of the song but this is just a small problem I think they could improve on, but I can understand why it is such a long song as most melodic songs do tend to be longer than the average song. I was surprised at how good the music videos editing and effects were, which was done by Yoann Vermeulen.

Overall this track is a perfect start for this band and if they keep on this path they are sure to become bigger and bigger. Best of luck to this chilling melodic ensemble! It would be great to see you guys come to Australia!

Vocals 8/10

Guitars 9/10

Bass 7/10

Drums 6/10

Lyrics 9/10

Would You Go And See Them (WYGAST) 5/5

Mixing 8/10

Overall 78/100

Personal Enjoyment 9/10

#HidingPlace #APerfectCircle #BrandNew

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