The Daily Chase // BEHIND THE BAND - Interview W/ Rory Cuthell

Photo: Magic Memories by Erika

Can you give me a brief history of the band?

I think it was around the end of 2013 we first started jamming; the idea for the band originally coming from our guitarist, Marc and drummer, Ben. They used to hang out and just muck around playing music together at parties and stuff, then after chatting to Marc in the pub one night we organised to hang out and just start jamming. Our bass player Nic came into it a few months later after a friend of ours we originally were practising with asked him to come hang and have a jam as well. Our other guitarist, Jake, then started playing with us only a couple of years ago. He started out by filling in on some shows we had planned when our original guitarist left and he just fit the spot so well. We were lucky enough to keep him on board.

You released Feel Alive earlier this year, how has it been received by the fans?

It’s been so awesome all the positive feedback I’ve been getting. It’s been really humbling to have a lot of people who haven’t listened to, or only heard of us prior to its release, say they’re impressed with the EP. It definitely makes all the hard work put into the writing process pay off.

What is your favourite song off the EP?

I reckon my favourite song overall from the EP would have to be ‘The Fear’ that was a song that I just remember everyone being really stoked on when we were writing. We had an absolute blast filming the clip for that song and everything involved with it, every time I listen back to it now I just remember smashing around in a little van and having a great time with everyone that was involved with that song. We also used it as an excuse to throw a big Christmas bash party at our old jam house to film, which was a time.

What would be your favourite tour to date?

One of my favourite times on the road was a weekender we did in QLD with our friends Days Of Deceit, for their ‘The Ruckus’ tour. We had both our bands loaded into a van and just had the most epic time cruising around checking stuff out, playing shows and just having an all around ball. I don’t think there was a period for the whole weekend where we weren’t all in stitches laughing about something. Our last Aus tour when we released ‘Void’ gets an honourable mention too, that was our first time doing the whole country so that was pretty special as well.

How did you find your way into supporting bigger bands and do you have any tips for other bands trying to do this?

I guess it all started off by just networking and getting to know a few people involved with local music, Once we started playing a fair amount of Adelaide shows and becoming a bit more of a regular band to be on shows we started making a few friends that were ‘in the know’ with getting us on board. A lot of credit goes to our manager Bobby, he got us on some really cool shows early on so without his help and belief in us this far, I don’t think we would be nearly as far as we have. I guess the only tip I can suggest is keep going out to local shows, meeting and talking to people. I know we’ve made some great friends along the way and with the right attitudes I know they are more than happy to try and help when they can.

What are some of the important things you have learnt since you started playing together?

Ummm, how to put up with 5-6 dudes in an enclosed space for long periods of time? I guess doing everything we can to try and make everything band related possible and still in our best interests whether it be getting out to shows or making time for recording but still finding that happy medium to grow outside of it as well in careers, relationships all that kind of stuff seems pretty important to still keep in mind. Another thing, as cliché as it is, is always having fun with it! I think it really shows when you see someone who’s not really enjoying themselves anymore, I think I can safely speak on behalf of everyone in the band and say that were still having the best time doing it.

How challenging is it for the writing, recording and playing process when one of your band members is interstate?

In the beginning when Ben moved, it took a while to adjust and work out what we were going to do with writing and that. Initially, it was just to get together and keep playing the songs and build them together. Now it’s mainly between Marc and Ben exchanging stuff over the internet and building the songs instrumentally, then Marc and I go through with lyrics. I think this way now has been a bit more beneficial for us because we get to spend a lot more time piecing parts of songs together, writing and listening to how the songs could sound. For the last few years we’ve almost religiously had a few hours practice as a whole band the night before or even the morning of playing a show.

If you could change one thing about the scene what would it be?

I can’t think of too many things about the immediate scene that we are a part of that I would change; I guess being from SA we see a lot of big acts coming and going to Australia without a visit, shows like those are a great experience when they offer local supports for bands and seeing a fair amount of those not happen here can be a bit of a bummer sometimes. So being able to have a lot more big acts play here would be cool.

What is your favourite venue to play?

Fowlers Live in Adelaide is a really good venue to play, every time we’ve been there the sound is really great and just a really cool place to play!

What is your favourite song to play live?

That’s a tough one, though I think for me, I really enjoy 'Dwell'. Since releasing the EP it’s been the song we’re opening shows with and just has a lot of energy and really fun parts that I enjoy playing, but I also really enjoy 'Keeping Close' just because it’s something a little bit heavier than the rest. One more that tops my list is 'Realities', since playing that song live I’ve tried to get a wall of death going every time, there’s just something about making my friends run at each other which is fulfilling.


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