FKA Festival 2018 - Trophy Eyes + The Belligerents + Tired Lion [GIG REPORT]

Photos: Leila Maulen

'Formally Known As' was such a beautiful festival, which I was more than keen for since the event and line up were announced. Held at Hope Estate, there really couldn’t have been a better place for it all to happen. It was immensely captivating listening to bands like Trophy Eyes, to The Belligerents to a very odd but fascinating band called Flight Hawk surrounded by vineyards. The vibes were awesome, everyone there looked as if they were enjoying themselves a lot and even though I had to make an early exit, there was more than definitely unforgettable memories made. The day kicked off with a group from Newcastle called Good Thanks. They managed to start the long day off great opening up the smaller crowd at the time, brilliantly. The vibe and style was great, the crowd seemed to enjoy them a lot as well as myself. Overall it was a groovy performance and I hope to see them again later down the track.

Straight after they finished up, Maddy Jane from Hobart came on with a bang! I was definitely more than keen to see this act as they have been touring with Trophy Eyes. She brought heaps of great vibes with her getting the crowd moving heaps, giving us an unreleased track and giving our ears the pleasure of hearing her lovely voice, I loved everything about it.

As the sun kind of came out for a little more and more people started showing up. The day was definitely underway as a group from Wollongong called Good Lekker took to the stage. They were not what I’m normally into, but I enjoyed their set a lot. They had heaps of energy and were different, the track 'Levitate' was a brilliant highlight. Overall a great band we all should be listening to!

With all such similar music, it all sounds so different; I felt this especially in an act from Melbourne, Ali Barter. As the band got underway with the performance, more people I didn’t even realised had rocked up made quite the crowd for them. The riffs were great and this performance alone lived up to my FKA expectations. 'Cigarette' was a song I definitely enjoyed.

The next act to hit the stage was Grace Turner from Newcastle. The feel of the music was lovely, her voice and the accompanying band was something I enjoyed a lot. At this stage of the event I was having more than a good time and more then prepared for what this festival had to offer.

The quirky and amazing sound of The Belligerents from Brisbane was next to hit the stage and I had a lot of hype leading up to this set. Ever since I first heard the band, I loved the aspect of the music - but these guys hit a whole new level live! I still don’t know what was more fun to look at, the band moving around to their music or the odd visuals. They had created the most amount of energy I’d seen yet for the day, and even pulled out a recorder a couple of times!

The next band to play was IVY from the Central Coast and I was so happy to hear this set when they came on. They were something different, working the crowd with their effortless performance; they had a lot of energy and were very loud - loud enough to even blow an amp up! I enjoyed every minute of listening to these guys, they were more than great.

After IVY finished up Tired Lion from Perth took over the show with so much energy from the beginning to the end of their set. The crowd just seemed to get bigger and bigger. The lead singer has a beautiful voice and I love the lyrics and structure to their songs a lot. 'Dumb Days' was my favourite song and I also can’t want to see this band again somewhere down the road.

Wearing safari costumes, the next band to play was VACTIONS from Newcastle. These guys were very loud and were more than fun to watch perform and listen to. Newcastle seems to have so much talent and I enjoyed hearing a fair bit of what it has to offer. FKA did a great job in providing this to everyone.

After what already felt like a massive day, one of the bands I was most keen for finally started playing; Luca Brasi from Tasmania. It was so great to hear some music I’m so familiar with. With it being my second time getting to see them, I felt like they had improved so much since. Their new album is potentially of of my favourite records of the year and seeing my favourite tracks live was something special. I’m happily not alone as they had the whole crowd moving and singing along to every one of their songs as soon as they came out playing 'Let It Slip', Luca Brasi deservingly had a lot of people behind them.

Melbourne band Kingswood were next and got a lot more of the crowd over, moving and singing every word of their songs. The group moved around a lot more than previous bands, with the vocal performance hitting high notes beautifully and also stopping to talk to the crowd. It seemed as though they couldn’t have been happier to be there. .

Flight Hawk is something I still don’t know how to make of, with a trumpet, saxophone and dancing they sang a song about an elephant which looked like a dick and balls which I think sums them up perfectly. The crowd seemed to like them a lot as I defiantly also did giving me what was the most spectacular performance of the night. If you can, go and see these guys because there really aren’t many words that give this band the compliments they deserve.

Trophy Eyes was my number one highlight of the night. I was more than keen to get to hear the new album live and it blew my expectations away. There’s just something very special about this band I love so much. I’m still not sure whether it’s the lyrics that mean a lot to me or the performance that will always be a pleasure to get to see but I’m glad I do. Hearing 'Miming in the Choir' was amazing and my favourite song of the set. From beginning to end they had everyone moving and singing, I never wanted it to end. I already can’t wait to see them again in January at Unify. Being so close to the stage, as well as writing this review feels so special.

The last band I got to see before I had to leave early, was British India and they had more than definitely made a great end to such a wonderful experience that was FKA. They came out with a massive bang leaving not one person not moving with unlimited amounts of energy even though it was already almost the end of the night. I didn’t catch the whole set but it was enough to go home with a few songs stuck in my head.

FKA Festival is returning next year, I already can’t wait! It was a beautiful day with beautiful music that I enjoyed every single moment of. RSVP to the Facebook Event here!

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