Triple One // Showoff [Single Review]

Song: Showoff

Band: Triple One

Release: Single

Area: Sydney

Date of release: 5th October

Genre: Hip Hop

Reviewer: Daniel Balcombe

For Fans Of: Hilltop Hoods, Gully Platoon, Illy

'I got the devil on the telly, but the remote won't flick.'

At first I was pretty hesitant with what I heard. I assumed that everything that was being said was 100% serious, then I dug a little deeper and I got it and when I got it, I LOVED it.

The first verse sets up the track nicely. The aggressive nature that the words are spat really contrasts against the more chilled vibe of the beat, but it works well and the delivery is spot on. The wordplay and rhymes throughout the verse are great, I would love to get a hold of the lyrics so I could pick it apart even more.

The hook kicks in and I dig the layered vocals and the singer has a nice smooth voice that works well with the beat whilst also complimenting the harshness of the first verse.

The second verse was right down my alley of the Hip-Hop I enjoy. The voice reminded me of Illy in some ways, same kind of sound and tone. I dug the chilled vibe he gives off throughout his verse whilst also throwing out some great lines and wordplay. Again, I would love to get a hold of the lyrics and give 'em a read.

The beat behind the track is spot on, it's the kind of hip hop beat I love. It doesn't overpower the bars and vocals but it adds exactly what the track needs. It's chilled and flows perfectly along with, and contrasts, the more aggressive style of rapping and lyrics.

Overall, I am now a big fan of Triple One. This track has allowed me to dig into their other work and I've got to say, I am really impressed. Can't believe I've never come across these guys before! If you are a fan of hip hop that relies on good chilled beats and lyrics that flow but also make you think, check these lads out. Next big thing in Aussie Hip Hop.

Lyrics: 4/5

Flow: 8.5/10

Delivery: 8.5/10

Beats: 9/10

Production: 8/10

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#TripleOne #BillyPuntton #GullyPlatoon

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