The Avenue Project // Filth [Single Review]

Song: Filth

Band: The Avenue Project

Release: Filth (New Single)

Area: South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

Date of release: 19/10/2018

Genre: Melodic Hardcore Punk

Record Label: Independent

Recorded, mixed and mastered by The Loud Noise Estate

Video by Electrum Photography

Live footage by Eliza Nguyen

For Fans Of: The Motion Below, Capital Enemy, Ocean Sleeper.

“Tear me down and turn me out, make me fit into someone else. Can you show me all that’s wrong with me? I’m the filth, I’m disgusting. I need some room to breathe. If you’ve got something to say, don’t be afraid. Will you speak up or live life being restrained? Do you want better? If you want something more, pick yourself up and take it."

Following in from their 2017 debut EP "Havoc", this six-piece Melodic Hardcore Punk Rock outfit have quickly evolved and matured with the release of their new single 'Filth'. The result is a fun, melodic assault on the senses with a compelling push/pull effect in the way the cleans and screams are arranged and broken up by the raw heavy chugs of guitar. The songwriting has had a major improvement compared to their earlier material, with lyrics delving into more personal and emotional territory.

Whilst "Havoc" was more about fighting back against social injustices and corruption (especially on 'Kaoss' and 'Anarchy'), while 'Filth' is more centred on having your own voice and standing up for what you believe in, as well as having the inner strength to deal with your mental demons. This shows that the band’s sense of maturity and confidence is beginning to shine through their music.

The lyric video was cleverly made by combining live band footage recorded by dedicated local music scene heroine Eliza Nguyen and some black-and-white static imagery to represent an old VHS recording. The black digital typography contrasts well with the horror themed blood red lettering to showcase the effective blending of cleans and screams between Chris Mercuri and Jordan Williams.

They are very much a band to watch in 2019.

Vocals: 8/10 (if screams the do cleans /5 and scream /5)

Guitars: 8.5/10

Bass: 8/10

Drums: 7.5/10

Lyrics: 4.5/5

Would You Go And See Them (WYGAST) 4/5

Mixing: 9/10

Production: 18/20

Structure: 18.5/20

Overall: 87/100

Personal Enjoyment: 9/10

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