Parkway Drive X Killswitch Engage X Thy Art Is Murder @ Adelaide Entertainment Centre [GIG REPORT]

Headliner: Parkway Drive

Supports: Killswitch Engage + Thy Art Is Murder

Date: 3rd November

Venue: Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Presented By: Resist Records + Triple J

Photos: Steven Cook

- Thy Art Is Murder -

It’s not too often the opening band is my most anticipated act for the night, but Thy Art is Murder were certainly the exception to the rule here. From the second they began my ears were graced with the impeccable tone you would expect at a Thy Art performance. I personally don’t know any other way to describe it other than 10/10. The low end is always so crushing, and tonight’s performance only raised that bar with the sound set up of the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Since I’m already complementing their performance I might as well delve further into it...

CJ McMahon, incredible, utterly incredible, it’s evident that one of the best vocalists in the country has been putting in work and has only gotten better. Each vocal transition whether high, low, fast or slow was nailed and it appears as if he has only extended the range to which he can achieve also. I would also have to say this is the tightest I’ve seen the band perform, having seen them roughly 6 or so times now personally, I was blown away and there’s no way anyone could have wiped the smile from my face as I admired from the crowd.

As to be expected fan favourites such as 'Holy War' and 'Reign of Darkness' were huge for crowd engagement as more and more fans rushed the mosh as the intros for both songs kicked in. One fan favourite however was not in attendance for the night being drummer Lee Stanton, unsure of who the fill in was but they fitted in seamlessly. All in all, Adelaide turned out for an opening act which in my experience has been a rare occurrence in the past few years, so I was pleasantly surprised, Thy Art is Murder took care of the rest.

- Killswitch Engage -

As this was my first experience with the band, I partly feel unworthy to be writing this review, however it was instantly noticeable as to why this band is referred to as metalcore royalty. Seeing the happiness on so many faces around me as they belted out choruses and banged their heads. With the research I had done on the band prior to attending it, that was enough for me to get a firm grasp on what was going on. We were taking a trip down nostalgia lane. Just picture that shortcut you rarely take even though you know it’s there and when you do take it, you’re thankful you did. The first thing I noticed about the band was the slightly outdated stage humour and attire, but it was pleasing to see a band that has stayed true to themselves after so many years on the band circuit. Tone wise it was evident that this KSE is meant to be on a big stage, even I felt a sense of nostalgia due to the tone of their music taking me back to when I started attending gigs and the many 2000’s metalcore bands I cycled through as a kid. Both vocalist Jesse Leach and guitarist/backing vocalist Adam Dutkiewicz delivered incredible vocal performances. As I mentioned above the crowd was eagerly singing back choruses with the band from the start to the end of their set.

- Parkway Drive -

The Byron Bay metalcore kings stapled themselves as the best in the business for me in front of a packed-out Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Coming out with a bang, quite literally as the intro began and the fireworks set off. You just knew this was the beginning of something special, energy was high amongst the crowd and vocalist Winston McCall had us all in the palm of his hand from the get-go. Just like Thy Art is Murder there was another noticeable absence to the Parkway lineup as riff lord Jeff Ling was nowhere to be found and there stood one Andy Marsh in his place (guitarist of Thy Art is Murder). Another thing that stood out to me early was fan favourite 'Carrion' being played early in the set now and yet Parkway were able to hold a steady incline throughout their set. What else is there to say about the best metalcore band ever really? Winston McCall never drops the ball, the rest of the band is as tight as can be, Ben Gordon blows minds with the rotating drum rig and the tone gives us the classic Parkway sound we are all accustomed to. So basically, Parkway Drive were once again Parkway Drive but had one of the best stage productions I’ve ever witnessed. If you didn’t or can’t catch them on the "Reverence Tour" you have well and truly missed out.

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