Sinsaenum X Scaphis X Requiem @ Max Watts [GIG REPORT]

Headliner: Sinsaenum

Supports: Scaphis, Requiem

Date: 10th November

Venue: Max Watts

Presented By: Overdrive Touring

Photos: Elgin Jiale

Sinsaenum is the third band that former Slipknot Drummer Joey Jordison has been a part of since his departure from Slipknot. Sinsaenum were touring Australia for the first time and were playing two exclusive Australian shows in Sydney and Melbourne.

In heading into the city, only one day removed since a terrible terror incident that had occurred, I had hoped that this wouldn’t deter people from heading in to the city and going about their business as usual.

Upon arriving to the city, I felt and heavy presence of police officers; it was a welcome reassurance that the city was a safe place to be tonight.

Walking in to the venue the crowd seemed a bit light on, however it was early and a lot of people may have only been interested in seeing Sinsaenum.

I personally believe it is good to check out the support acts, as you never know who you will see and who may be the next big thing.

- Requiem -

Opening up the show was Ballarat band Requiem, these guys are and extreme/thrash metal band who remind me of early Metallica/ Slayer mixed in with a more death metal vocal style.

These guys really know how to play with trade off solos back and forth between guitarists Zacharie and Jye and great harmony work on their guitars, these guys have really nailed the sound they are going for.

Lead vocalist Zacharie impressed me with his ability to play fast guitar parts while also singing which is no easy task; however I felt his mic technique could have been a bit better as he was quite singing directly in to the mic at some points and it did affect the volume of the vocals.

What I did like however was the fact the he did alternate between the two mics that were on the stage.

Another highlight of the set was when bassist, Rick, dropped his bass on the ground and then proceed to elbow drop it.

- Scaphis -

Next up was Melbourne death metal band Scaphis. This female fronted five piece had a distinct look to them with torn/ripped clothing and splattered black face paint there look definitely suited there music.

Starting off with their song 'For The Sun' right from the get go they had the crowd head banging. Once lead singer Spyke let out her first roar, the crowd was hooked.

The technical guitar work of guitarists Josh and Ben was very interesting, accompanied by bassist Ryan. Fill in drummer Adam from Hybrid Nightmares didn’t look out of place at all and seemed to gel nicely with the band.

These guys really knew how to get the crowd involved and had the crowd pumping their fists in the air with loud chants of “oi". At one point, singer Spyke said that doing hair whips was their way of keeping the audience cool.

Finishing off with their song “Skin” was great way to end their set and have the crowd fired up for Sinsaenum who were up next.

- Sinsaenum -

Now it was time for the main event, by the time Sinsaenum were preparing to take the stage the room had filled up a bit more, but nowhere near the amount I thought it would for a band of this calibre.

Sinsaenum had a great stage set up; large banners either side of the drum kit, along with what looked like metal cut outs of the bands logo on all the mic stands which was a good look, along with the Sinsaenum logo on the video screen behind the drums.

The stage went dark and the intro played with the sound of rain. Then they were off thrashing, heading in to the title track of their album “Repulsion for Humanity”.

Lead singer Sean then bounded on to the stage on to a podium and started whipping his hair around along with his gloriously long beard. The crowd instantly reacted and where jumping around and moshing to the thunderously heavy music that was being produced.

I was a big fan of the trade-off/duelling guitar solos from Frédéric and Stéphane with some amazing technical guitar work that proves the Frédéric could easily be one of the guitarists in Dragonforce, as opposed to the bassist.

In what almost seemed to be a choreographed move, Frédéric and Stéphane would switch sides of the stage they were playing on at the exact same time. Almost meeting in the middle at times, which gave the people on both sides of the stage a good look at the amazing guitar that Frédéric had that had a paint job that resembled the Adam West style Batmobile.

Before launching in to “Splendor and Agony” Sean explained that this song is about murder and death which got a great reaction from the crowd. The opening of “Gates of hell” started with a fantastic guitar duel that really showed off the talents of these guys.

Bassist Heimoth held down the low end with precision and was really getting involved with the crowd. Then they played a cover of the Melvins classic hit "Hooch" with Sean stating that this is one of his favourite songs and urged people to check out the original. Joey Jordison really showed of his versatility in this show with some impressive drumming that really kept the crowd moving.

There last song was "Army Of Chaos" and Sean came out waving a flag with bands logo on it, the crowd still seemed to have a lot of energy left and I heard one punter yell out that "the crowd may not be huge but we love you".

After they had finished the stage went dark and some fans started chanting for one more song, while some others were simply just chanting for Joey.

The band returned to the stage and played there track “Swan Song” which was a fitting end to the show.

Sinsaenum put on a great show and displayed their technical ability and love for the death metal style of music. It was an all-round great show with all the bands putting on fantastic performances.

#MaxWatts #Scaphis #Sinsaenum #Requiem

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