Inertia // Into The Grey [Single Review]

Song: Into The Grey

Band: Inertia

Release: Single

Area: Sydney

Date of release: 8/11/2018

Genre: Post-Hardcore

Reviewer: Daniel Balcombe

For Fans Of: Armour For Sleep, Saosin, As Cities Burn, Underoath

'Stood in the dead of the night and watched them steal the sun. What have we done?'

Inertia have dropped their latest single 'Into The Grey' and if the new single is any to go off, waves are sure to be made with any future releases.

The track begins with a nice electronic sound, delayed guitars and smooth vocals. The drums and bass kick in and the verse builds perfectly, exploding into a chorus mixed with nice lead licks, thumping drums and bass and soaring layered vocals.

The contrast in the verse and choruses work perfectly. The verse breakdown completely almost into a electronic sound or delayed guitars, syncopated drums and bass, building itself up again into the chorus. The added screams leading into the second chorus works well and contrast itself well with the soaring smooth clean vocals.

The inevitable breakdown occurs next and I was actually happy to hear it not sound so stock standard. The vocalist has one hell of a voice with his cleans but I was equally impressed with his screaming ability. Had a real Spencer Chamberlain feel to them and I was happy to hear it peppered in as the song came to an end.

The production quality on the track is top notch. I especially love the depth that the bass and drums give when they kick in and the guitarist throws in great lead licks and rhythms to keep you interested throughout. The vocalist is the main highlight for me, his voice has got a great range and his screams match them.

Overall I was really impressed with what I heard, and from a bunch of lads from Sydney I was even happier to hear what I did. If you are a fan of bands like Saosin and (newer) Underoath then Inertia will fit right in the middle of your playlists and will be on heavy rotation. Give the track a spin at the links below and make sure you follow what is sure to be impressive years ahead!

Vocals: 9/10

Guitars: 8/10

Bass: 8/10

Drums: 8/10

Lyrics: 3.5/5

Would You Go And See Them (WYGAST) 3/5

Mixing: 9/10

Production: 18/20

Structure: 16/20

Overall 82.5/100

Personal enjoyment: 8/10

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