Good Things Festival Sydney [GIG REPORT]

Venue: Paramatta Park

Presented By: Destroy All Lines

Photos: Bree Wallace (entire gallery below)

Date: December 8th, 2018

Good things Festival was a time filled with good things, great bands and bucket list memories. Starting with a pretty warm day - albeit not as warm as Melbourne's scorcher the day before - there was a fairly long lineup getting into Paramatta Park; though within minutes of the gates opening the line swiftly started flowing through the gate. After we were in and got our wristbands we headed around the festival grounds to suss out the rides and food stalls, there were a fair few food stalls, with an entry level price of around $15. Also for the thrill seekers there were two rides, 'The Speed' and 'The Slingshot, it was cool to know there was some added entertainment with the Nintendo Switch area, it was the only time we actually got to sit down. We then grabbed some drinks and headed over to the big stage to see Red Hook, the local support who were the first to play, taking to the stage bang on 12pm.

- Red Hook -

Sydneys freshest band Red Hook showcases a Frankenstein of genres, with an amalgam of rap, metal and electronica. They welcomed the eager punters with both part 1 and 2 of their music video series 'Minute on Fire' and 'Turn Up The Stereotype'. They also put on a powerful and manic cover of ‘Break Stuff’ by Limp Biztkit. Mixing both angst and flair in her energetic performance Emmy Mack really put on a great show. What a way to start the first of many Good Things Festivals in Sydney.

- Void Of Vision -

Melbournes metalcore Djenty boys Void Of Vision were right at home on this lineup; creating circle pits for days and the ferocity if their new track 'Kill All My Friends' was insane live with the mosh pit turning into a dust storm. Vocalist Jack packed full of energy in this performance; jumping about and getting the locals right into their heavy vibes.

- Waax -

Brisbane's Waax kicked off loud and only got louder. The crowd gathered in and a trend started to occur during 'Wild and Weak' - for every hardcore dancer, there was someone raising their horns and it was epic seeing the expression in Maz’s performance. There was a notable absence from the band as the drummer Tom was off on new parent duties, so Mikey Richards of Violent Soho was on the kit, only adding an exciting element to these Brisbane badasses.

- Boston Manor -

This was the first ever time that the Blackpool post punk outfit Boston Manor had played Sydney and crikey did they give it their all. After exclaiming about the roaring heat and checking everyone was hydrated, they smashed out an amazing set. The moment they began to play, a warm energy swept over the audience and it grew closer.

- Northlane -

Northlane, Northlane, Northlane. This was my first time seeing Northlane, so obviously, I was thoroughly impressed. Marcus burst out onto the stage with ripped jeans and a fresh haircut, also using some fiercely exorbitant pyrotechnics to light up the stage. Nearing the middle of the set, they had officially introduced their newest member, old mate Brendon Padjasek from Structures. They then played an unreleased track which has been doing the rounds called 'Talking Heads' and closed with a solid performance of ‘Quantum Flux

- The Wonder Years -

We only got to catch the last few songs but I was stoked that I at least caught some of their set. ‘Swinging’ and ‘Sister Cities’ absolutely went off. Hung out for ‘Melrose Diner’ but to my dismay I did not get to see that one live.

- Babymetal -

Babymetal out of Japan had one of the biggest crowds of the day. I saw so many variations of their merch amongst the punters. There was even one sporting a Pikachu Babymetal outfit, getting loads of attention in their own right. The theatrics of Babymetal were so beyond anything I’ve ever seen and could never be described accurately. If you ever get the chance to see them, please do, you will not be disappointed.

- Palaye Royale -

Palaye Royale were an interesting band to say the least. The British pop punkers took to the stage with an array of styles and colours. I didn't know what to expect when they started their set and honestly, I'm still not too sure how to understand it. They’ve got some really fresh, catchy choruses and a vibrant stage presence. Not to mention their singer did a classic ‘Eddie Vedder’ and climbed the rigging of the stage, so that was pretty cool.

- The Used -

The Used are one of those emo bucket list bands, you grow up yelling the lyrics in those times of angst and then when you eventually end up seeing them everything makes sense. The nostalgia and rawness of Burt's voice paired with his empathetic lyricism is still one of the greatest from the youths of many. It was something special when he brought out his children onto the stage while also covering a version of NirvanasSmells Like Teen Spirit’ and Playschools iconic theme.

- Bullet For My Valentine -

Bullet were sick, but by that point it was way too fucking hot to do anything other than: Mosh, seek shade, drink water, refill water and repeat. I was stoked when I heard the intro to ‘Your Betrayal’ it sounded as good as it did ten years ago. Again, one of those bucket list moments from my very angsty teens that have now been fulfilled.

- Tonight Alive -

Tonight Alive are still amazing, Jenna putting on an energetic and uplifting performance, playing songs from My Underworld - ‘Disappear’ and a track from their original EP. I was waiting eagerly for a Corey Taylor cameo, but alas it didn’t happen.

- All Time Low -

I’ve only ever really listened to ‘Dear Maria’ and holy shit it was amazing live. The crowd was singing nearly every word and it was a spectacular sight. They also played a few fan favourites such as 'Weightless'. All Time Low were a real crowd pleaser.

- The Smith Street Band -

It’s no doubt that I love The Smith Street Band, they were great, although I hope they don’t just become a festival band. Seeing a band on their own line-up makes for a totally different and completely immersive experience none the less, still incredible! Playing more songs off their latest release "More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me" and some old favourite like 'Ducks Fly Together'. A fairly well-rounded setlist.

- Stone Sour -

Corey Taylor, what an icon, what a frontman and what a vocalist. It was his 45th birthday and I felt humbled being at his party. Stone Sour had one of the bigger crowds with a pit or a crowd surf here and there, but mostly just grooving with the music. A noteworthy mention to ‘Looking Through The Glass’ it was certainly memorable.

- The Offspring -

I, among at least 70% of the other festival attendees, grew up or listened to The Offspring for a decent amount of our lives. It was an experience that Paramatta Park and all those who attended Good Things over the past weekend won't soon forget.

There was a bit of banterish chat between Dexter and Noodles throughout playing the legendary ‘Smash’ in its entirety, as well as a notable stand in member Tony Kanal of No Doubt. At one stage for the tear jerking performance of 'Gone Away', out came a beautifully lit piano in which Dexter used to perform a stripped back version of one of the bands most raw songs.

A spectacular ending to an even more spectacular Good Things Festival. We hope we see many more to come over the next few years



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