Festival Of The Sun [GIG REPORT]

Venue: Festival Of The Sun

Presented By: Triple J

Photos: Byron Hall

Date: December 13rd, 2018

Situated in the seascape city of Port Macquarie at the Breakwall Tourist Park, Festival of the Sun has now seen over one hundred acts. The previous years had become host to some very talented and amazing performances with sets from Seth Sentry to Violent Soho as well as many more solid up and comers who have made a mark in not only their local scenes but made an impression in the greater community. With food trucks, camping and market stalls from Headspace to JB-HIFI there wasn’t a single thing missing.

- Skegss -

After parking a lot further away than I had thought and figuring out how to make our way down to the festival, we caught Skegss in which I was particularly excited to see. The crowd could only be described as a rodeo; it was beyond crazy and wild. The band was full of energy and sound opening up the festival for me beautifully, the smell of beer filled the air and every person was more rowdy than the last. Ending the set with 'New York California' it was definitely my biggest highlight.

- Clews -

The first act that I go to see take to the very tiny second stage were Clews. With so much sound and a very fierce voice, I enjoyed the performance a lot after being a little familiar with the music as I’ve heard it on Triple J a bit. They had thick and intricate bass lines in of all the songs and I look forward to seeing where the future takes them.

- Tkay Maidza -

Tkay Maidza was a pretty interesting highlight of the festival for me as I was not expecting such a captivating performance. There was a lot of energy in the crowd, in the drumming and in Tkay Maidza; even the DJ was getting into it. I loved the drum flow and the visual effects os lights and smoke machines. 'Flexin’' was a brilliant wrap up to a great set.

- Triple One -

FOTSUN was the third time I got the pleasure to see Triple One this year and I’m so excited for the fourth time I get to see them already. Their songs are something I just can’t seem to stop playing, but getting to see them live is so special. They have the ability to really showcase their music through performance, 'Snake Bite Betty' and 'Showoff' were my favourite songs of the act and being able to see some of my favourite music a bit closer than what I’m used to was my number one part about the whole festival.

- POND -

Bringing to Port Macquarie a very nice and different sound, as well as a lot of smoke and theatrics, was one of the headliners of the festival, POND. Ending the night with what was a unique and wonderful sound with so much liveliness. I enjoyed seeing the crowd completely immersed in their music. From start to finish POND and the very drunk festival goers didn’t stop moving to the psychedelic rock that definitely grows on me.

I was very upset that due to unforeseen circumstances this was all the festival I got to see, but it was more than enough to leave me wanting to come back in the future as much as possible. Port Macquarie is a very lucky place to be host to such an amazing festival for the 15th year in a row and I look forward to seeing the amazing line up that will be FOTSUN 2019.


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