PREMIERE: L33ZE // Super Saiyan [Exclusive Stream]

Byron Bay-sider Luke Townsend AKA L33ZE is making waves in the Aussie Hip-Hop Scene and is an artist we should be keeping our eye on in the coming months.

Formerly part of the rap trio The Hated, L33ZE decided to take matters into his own hands and move to Melbourne in an effort to kick off his solo rap career. After a year of networking and playing shows in the big smoke, he has since come back to the East Coast and has treated us to this UK Grime-esque and all-round absolute banger of a single; feast your ears on 'Super Saiyan'!

Produced by his dearly departed friend Drew Larvogna, who unfortunately lost his battle with Cystic Fibrosis in 2018. 'Super Saiyan' is a high energy track with a unique beat that will be sure to catch your attention. The instrumental itself has a UK Grime feel to it and L33ZE does not disappoint with his vocal delivery. Both L33ZE & Drew are avid anime fans who both loved Dragon Ball Z and this is showcased well within this track. The artwork was done by Jai Evans From Cabarita and the mixing and mastering was done by Connor Siege Jones from Melbourne.

Check out the track, premiering exclusively on Behind The Scene and a short interview with L33ZE as he gives us insight on his progress as an artist, the process in which he creates and how he became L33ZE.

//How did you become the artist that you are today?//

I became an artist because I grew up in a very hostile environment and needed an escape. My mother was in and out of jail, my father left me and ended up burning to death in a house fire at a young age. Mum was addicted to drugs and wasn’t there for me in the beginning so I had to live with my Nan and Pop in Dubbo. I found comfort in listening to artists such as 2pac, Eminem, DMX and Biggie Smalls and related to their every day struggles. So I followed their blueprint and took inspiration in the craft they chose to better their lives with.

//What does your art and the art of rap mean to you?//

The art of rap means everything to me. No lie, without music I probably would not be here today doing this interview. I’ve had many attempts on my life and have been hospitalised from self harm and mental health issues. I want to be the voice of reason for the forgotten souls and misfits from the gutter, feeling lost without a path to follow; as all the artists I idolised growing up were for me. Rap is therapeutic for me. As I've said in my lyrics before, my microphone is my therapist; I'm just here to share my story, spread love and let everyone know that with a little dedication they can chase their dreams like me.

//Who is your inspiration?//

My inspiration is and always be Tupac Shakur, hands down. Along with Eminem and DMX. They really helped me through the darkest moments of my life, and still help to this day. As of local artists I would say IAMD, TAY-D, JON DOE, MIDAS GOLD, HUSKII and Z LEWIS. They are all my homies and push me day to day to be the best version of myself for real.

//How did your collaborations come about?//

Networking… I've been at this music thing for a minute and over the years these guys have helped me understand my worth as an artist. I've been through some really dark times but with the right energies around you I can honestly say you can overcome any demons trying to pull you down… NO CAP!

//What is the creating process like?//

It's easy as fuck, this is second nature to me. I pen verses as easy as cracking a can of VB. As for production I have engineers that are wizards and know how to make me sound pretty as fuck. All I have to do is write fire bars and they got the rest… ITS L33ZE SEASON! ESKETIT!

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