Boom! Civil War! // My Life Didn't Start 'Til I Met You ft. Vetty Vials [Single Review]

Song: My Life Didn't Start 'Til I Met You ft. Vetty Vials

Band: Boom! Civil War!

Area: Melbourne

Date of release: January, 2018

Genre: Punk Rock

Record Label: Independent

For Fans Of: Neck Deep, The Story So Far, Propaghandi

“And we always said that we'd burn it to the ground, dance around the ashes of the place we once called home, the only place we've ever known”

Boom! Civil War! is the latest project of Joe Guiton former member of the band The Suicide Tuesdays and he's just graced us with his new single 'My Life Didn't Start Until I Met You' featuring vocalist Vetty Vials! This is the first single off the latest release 'We Are Disaster' EP which is out and available now on all streaming services.

'My Life Didn't Start 'Til I Met You' begins up-beat and with a classic tone and riff that instantly sits itself in your cranium. It's very upbeat and happy, which is opposed with melancholy lyrics singing of a deadbeat town and all him knowing is failure. A song about love, hopeless love, and being hopeless together. Nothing too out-of-the-box here and sometimes that isn't a bad thing. With this genre, especially, it is nice to just hear simple, relatable lyrics laid upon a catchy riff and straightforward beat. The transparency of Punk is what we all know and love about it.

The ending is the stand-out for me. It just really breaks into a really great sing-along. A good punk song is one that you can run through the streets of your old, deadbeat town with a bottle of whisky in your hand disturbing the neighbours with your angsty teen lyrics you're throwing out of your mouth with boundless passion only a teenager could devise.

Or maybe just what every skater - ever, is listening to.

Either, or 'My Life Didn't Start 'Til I Met You' is a brilliant start to a new endeavour for an old-time musician and the rest of the album is pretty much the same. Great, fun riffs and lyrics that will have you singing along by the second chorus.

So grab your skate board or your bottle of whisky and all the hate you have for 'this old town' and runaway, with this track blaring through your speakers.

Vocals: 8/10

Guitars: 8/10

Bass: 8/10

Drums: 7/10

Lyrics: 3/5

Would You Go And See Them (WYGAST) 4/5

Mixing: 9/10

Production: 18/20

Structure: 16/20

Overall: 81/100

Personal Enjoyment: 8/10

Bandcamp - Spotify - YouTube

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