PREMIERE: Boom! Civil War! // My Life Didn't Start 'Til I Met You [Exclusive Stream]

Boom! Civil War! Is the new project from Melbourne folk punk singer Joe Guiton. Joe is formerly part of The Suicide Tuesdays, who in their own right developed a strong cult following through their days of loud, sweaty and downright unpredictable shows trailblazing through the pubs of Melbourne; Now Joe has made a return with Boom! Civil War! releasing their first single exclusively through Behind The Scene 

 'My Life Didn't Start 'Til I Met You' is a classic, feel-good punk rock duet featuring guest vocalist Vetty Vials who adds a great element to the song. Joe says "The song is about knowing that no matter what life throws at you, there's always hope" a testament to his life as a musician.

Below, we had a chance to get some insight into this release and some pressing issues Joe has faced as a working musician.

//Where did the inspiration to start a new project come from?//

I needed to love music again. After my last band broke up, I was done. I didn’t even listen to music - let alone write it. I was pissed at my band mates for many reasons and pissed at myself for not being a good band leader. It took a drunken message to Daniel Antix of Nerdlinger to feel good about it again. He basically told me to stop being a sad sack and come up to Sydney and record some stuff. So I did and it was one of the most positive experiences that I’ve ever had. Now here we are, I guess.

//What are some of the most important things you have learned as a gigging musician?//

That’s a fucking good question.

Basically learn to notice the bullshit; exposure will never pay your bills, pay to play will never get you famous and always be nice to your sound guy.

//Can you explain what goes on during the writing process?//

No. Well… yes. I don’t know.

I have a song called “Emily” that I’ve never released only because it’s for her. My friend who I adore, and felt at the time that our relationship was strained. So I branched out with words I couldn’t really say in person. I draw inspiration from the people in my life and things they go through and how I can help them.

//What does this release mean to you?//

It’s a new beginning. I don’t really know what I’m doing with it yet which is both exciting and terrifying! The album to come might just be me and a drum machine, bitching about the government; but at least my friends won’t have to wait two years for music.

//Is there anything you would change about Melbournes live music scene?//

Fuuuuuuuuck. Look.. I’m probably not the best person to ask this question to… I think music is for everyone - no matter who you are. That seems to be lost on bookers and promoters. People seem to be terrified to take a chance on a band that isn’t an all male band. The support slots for most tours these days are always the same fucking bands; and I usually don’t end up going because it’s the same shit all the time. I’d much rather see bands like Squid Fishing or The Lazy Susan’s get a shot once in a while rather than the same “safe” band. There have been some huge improvements on this topic but it still has got a long way to go. Squid Fishing rocks just as hard as Diploma and pull a better crowd. This also might make me a bit unpopular with some but I couldn’t care less. Rant over.

//What advice do you have for new bands?//

Don’t do it. Go to law school and have a happy life. Nah, just joking! Attack it head on and never stop! I’m in firm belief that music is the only good thing in this world - well that and Ice Cream. Oh, and always be nice to the sound guy. I’ve said that already, yeah?

Boom! Civil War! will be releasing their debut EP on January the third and will be available on all streaming platforms!

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