Brisbane Indie Pop Artist Tara Simmons Sadly Passes, Leaving Behind A Musical Legacy

This week we mourn the loss of the beloved indie-pop goddess Tara Simmons as she has passed away

from breast cancer.

Upon diagnosis, she expressed through social media her two regrets - one not being able to support her family once she had departed this world, but the other was that she was not able to complete her final album. Her best friend Yanto Browning saw this post and wanted to help. So her and Tara had pulled all the strings and did everything they possibly could to ensure that this did not remain a regret after her passing.

Admirably, Tara pushed for this record so hard the she even recorded most of the vocal tracks at the end of her hospital bed.

In a touching and honest open letter from Yanto, she tells us “The way she filled every day following her diagnosis with life, love, creativity, and music will leave behind a legacy that I think can only be described as a victory; a victory over an illness that threatened to strip her of her humanity, but instead only served to reinforce it.” she is not wrong, Tara is a driving force of passion and an inspiration to us all.

Most of the producing was done “pottering about” in their home studios, but with a little help from their friends in the music community, including super star backing vocals from Megan Washington and Kate Miller-Heidke, it all came together in the end.

As a testament to her passion and creativity, she leaves behind an album. Her last musical piece. A gift of music from her, to the world.

The recent release ‘North’ is now available on all streaming platforms and the album will be released later this year.

Rest in peace Tara.

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