Astrodeath // Humanoid Slave [Single Review]

Song: Humanoid Slave

Artist: Astrodeath

Release: Single

Area: Sydney, Australia

Date of release: 25th January

Genre: Rock

Label: Space Whale Records

For Fans Of: Queens Of The Stone Age, Highly Suspect, The Foo Fighters, Nirvana

"I’m already dead, I just don’t know it yet."

There are times where I find myself wishing and hoping I could just live and breathe the energy of the 90s and play that era on a loop. Then, there are times where in this day and age, in 2019, I find myself being transported back there - and I’m so thankful.

Astrodeath have blasted off with their new single 'Humanoid Slave' and you better get ready to take a step back in time because this screams the great 90s grunge/rock wave in every form!

The song opens with a grungy guitar tone and a simple, classic riff; Drums tap to build anticipation and a long vocal fry scream unravels into the track. I’m getting major Queens of The Stone Age vibes, and I honestly feel like Josh Homme would dig this to no end.

This track was recorded at Linear And Rolodex Studios by Nick Franklin, where of which I assume the video was shot. It’s a nice, simple video of them all in the studio having a jam and laying down the tracks. The aesthetic is simple with an ambient overtone, it perfectly compliments the sonic elements and truly brings it together as a whole.

I have to give a big shout-out to Tim Lancken on the vocals. Honestly, I’m always blown away when the distortion in vocal delivery is so consistent with tone and expression. A vocal technique akin to Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell or even Kurt Cobain is difficult to master, though when it is mastered, it is an absolute treat.

Mixing and mastering is extremely polished, too. They’ve gone all out for their debut single and I am extremely excited to have a new favourite band!

All-in-all Astrodeath have had a solid start to their first single, ticking all the boxes when it comes to quality both visually and sonically, so great work guys!

Vocals: 9/10

Guitars: 8/10

Bass: 8/10

Drums: 8/10

Lyrics: 5/5

Would You Go And See Them (WYGAST) 5/5

Mixing: 10/10

Production: 19/20

Structure: 19/20

Overall: 91/100

Personal Enjoyment: 9/10

#SpaceWhaleRecords #Astrodeath #Sydney #QueensOfTheStoneAge #HighlySuspect #TheFooFighters

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