Hollow Haven // Echo Chamber [EP Review]

Release: 'Echo Chamber EP' Band: Hollow Haven Area: Melbourne, Victoria Genre: Metalcore For Fans Of: Northlane, Architects, Stick To Your Guns

'Salt in the wounds, indoctrinate me'

Melbourne Metalcore outfit Hollow Haven have another release for us as their EP ‘Echo Chamber’ follows up on their 2017 release ‘One-Track Mind’. For the most part, it has shown more versatility with their composition and concepts this time around.

'Alarmist' kicks off with a single, groovy riff that opens it up as we hear the vocalist Angus Glassenbury whisper in an angsty tone that leads into the song. Guitars screech and go absolutely awol, several times over, the beat takes itself into half time and Angus wails "Are you in it? Are you in it you fucking pigs?!" I’m already trying to stop myself from moshing in this library. Nice and heavy, exactly how I like it.

I absolutely love the lead guitar in 'Proving Ground'. There is a lot of moments in 'Proving Ground' where it is really uplifting, especially the part where everything stops and the lead melody is carrying Angus' vocals, symphonic strings build and it breaks into an incredible and memorable outro, probably my favourite part. Space always gives emphasis to the heaviness of a track, and it is to never be unappreciated.

The transition between that and 'Kill the Lights' was very cool. Starting off with a crackled voice on a radio it breaks into a deeper and significantly darker, gloomier riff; even the screams are noticeably different, emotively. There is a lot more pain and darkness in this song. The chorus opens with a really cool “KIYAAAAAH” scream and it just blows me away - this was repeated several times throughout the album having the same effect on me - it is just fucking fantastic as it juxtaposes the darkness with a very uplifting chorus, the vocals and lead accompanying each other in perfect harmony. This is the stand-out track for me - big fat ol' YES from me.

'Sledge' is the second single aside from 'Kill The Lights'. Nothing stood out for me too much aside from the groovy as fuck riff; but it is a good throw down. I could definitely imagine these guys absolutely killing a live set. I guess I'll be packing my bags and heading down to Melbourne!

A little more clarity in the mix would’ve been appreciated. The vocals cut through well, which is easy to achieve with harsh vocals, but it also shows to be done well when there is space in the mix and when cleans come in. I would point the finger to the bass for making the mix a little muddy. Although, the bass tone absolutely slaps.

There may have also been an over-use of guitar solos; but above all, I really enjoyed this album and if you’re looking to get out and see a good band, I would definitely give these guys a go!

Vocals: 7/10 Guitars: 8/10 Bass: 5/10 Drums: 8/10 Lyrics: 8/10 Would You Go And See Them: 5/5 Mixing: 6/10 Production: 15/20 Structure: 18/20

Overall : 90/100

Personal Enjoyment: 8/10

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