Dinners With Dan #20 - I'm Back

Hey, so I'm back writing. It's pretty cool, for me anyway. As it's a new year the tried cliche' of 'New Year, New Me' always makes me groan a bit. Not because I don't think it's a good way of doing things, just because I don't think it holds true for the WHOLE year. Anyway, let's get down to some music. I've decided to have a look at some bands who have taken the 'New Year, New Me' tagline and completely changed the way they sound from one album to the next. I'll list some I like and some I dislike. So give it a whirl below.

Brand New

Brand New came onto the scene as a spin off Taking Back Sunday with their pop-punk heavy album "Your Favourite Weapon" which was filled with angsty little tunes about broken love and broken friendships. Then two years later they came back out as an Alternative Rock band that matured into a completely different band. Sure, the album "Deju Entendu" is one of my favourites and still has slight flavours of Pop-Punk within but overall the sound drastically changed. Moving on to their later work and MY GOD what happened!!! Now, I'm not saying it's a bad thing I'm just saying WOW, what a drastic change of style. Call it evolution, call it growing up, call it dropping some really good acid, there is no doubt the change was welcomed by many, although I dig their earlier sound more I still appreciate the music they deliver.


Probably the most heated 'you changed man' debate there is in the music world. From their early thrash days to their rock balled 90's to the System of a Down inspired early 2000's to the now return to more of a trash style. Metallica have chopped and changed their sound more then most bands. In saying this, I've always liked their music, even including a COUPLE of tracks on the 'St Anger' album as well. I appreciate that as they did grow older they moved to a more "mellow" sound, even though now they are swinging more back towards what they used to sound like to completely contradict my earlier sentiment, they still produce fantastic musicianship. I guess the defining moment for Metallica was the death of Cliff Burton. He turned them from a trash band into a more melodic version of Thrash. He emphasized melody and instrumentation rather then just banging away as quickly as you could. When he died, a massive part of Metallica Died. Plus, he was the greatest bassist to grace this earth, you can never replace that.

The Beatles

This is obvious, but still. DRUGS. amiright? Going from 60's bubblegum pop to WAY BEFORE IT'S TIME acid rock, The Beatles did it all. It's easy to understand when you look at the talents in the band. John, Paul and George were fantastic musicians/songwriters. Even Ringo added in his own from time to time. The diverse sound they produced changed music and we might not have half of the rock/pop music we have today. Love them or hate them. They KNEW what they were doing.

As Cities Burn

They started out as a Post-Hardcore powerhouse in my opinion. Their songs were tight and hard hitting, that was until their lead vocalist decided to leave and they turned into some kind of indie band that was pretty generic and boring. I hear they are going back to their old ways, so i'll be sure to keep a eye on them.

Bring Me The Horizon

I purely added these guys in cause I have how 'controversial' their style change up has been recently. I for one didn't like their earlier stuff and don't like their newer stuff. But for the sake of argument, what a change ey?

So that's all I can think of off the top of my head. What are some bands that have changed drastically but you love? And what are some that you have hated and destroyed the band for you?

Overall this year should be a good year for music. I hope anyway. There are some releases my mouth is watering for - MORE Ceres AND The Smith Street Band please.

One last thing, what was your favorite music release last year? Mine has to be Luca Brasi - 'Stay'. What a album and how they didn't make it into the Triple J Hottest 100 I'll never fucking know.

Dans local track of the week - WAAX - Labrador

Dans nostalgic track of the week - Marilyn Manson - The Dope Show

#MARILYNMANSON #WAAX #LucaBrasi #BringMeTheHorizon

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