Crystal Lake // BEHIND THE BAND - Interview W/ Ryo Kinoshita

Crystal Lake

//How did the name ‘Crystal Lake’ originate?//

It came from the place in the game "Romancing Saga" not from Friday the 13th.

//How has the response been on the album so far?//

It's been really good. People love both the heavy side and melodic side of the album and I'm satisfied with it.

// What are your favourite songs on the album?//

'Hail To The Fire' is definitely my favourite, simply for its heavy, tribal vibes. I'm a big fan of 90s metal bands like Sepultura and Soulfly, so it was fun to put the elements of them into our work.

//Have you learned anything new, as a band, from the making of your first album, to your third, full-length studio album 'Helix'?//

We have learned that we don't have to be somebody else. Our fans love our music style for the equal amount of heavy and melodic elements we put into it. We will be doing a lot of new things in the future, but we'll never be a pop band.

//What has been the inspiration throughout creating this album?//

Sci-Fi movies like 'Interstellar' and 'Alien'. We like the concept of time and dimension in 'Interstellar' so we tried to describe it through sound.

//What does it take to breakout from your local scene into the international heavy scene?//

Just a little courage. Do what you really want to do and do not care about what others think.

//What is your favourite place to play and why?//

France and Spain. They can sing every line of our lyrics and guitar riffs as well. We just get so much energy from them.

//What is the Japanese music scene like?//

It's growing bigger I think. Crossfaith and Coldrain are widening the scene and many young bands doing very well here.

But still it's much smaller than the ones in Europe and America.

//Is an Australian tour in the pipeline?//

We'll see. We haven't gotten any offers so far, but to go to Australia is one of my dreams.

Crystal Lakes third full-length studio album 'Helix' is available in Australia now, on all streaming platforms. So be sure to treat yourself to some brutal Japanese metalcore today!

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