RENNAN // Parachute [Video Review]

Song: 'Parachute'

Artist: Rennan

Release: Single

Area: Sydney

Date of release: 15/02/2019

Genre: Hip-Hop/Indie

For Fans Of: Bam Bam, 360, The Streets

'We dig ourselves into our graves thats what time will do, we fill the void with sex drugs'

RENNAN has dropped his latest single 'Parachute' and the chilled vibes run thick throughout the instrumentation and the delivery of some killer lines.

From the very beginning of the track I knew I was hearing something that wasn't your ordinary AUS Hip Hop release. The track captured me from the first fuzzy bass line to the muffled opening bars and it only get better as it went along.

When RENNAN kicks in the first verse his melody rides along with a nice distorted guitar and syncopated drums and bass. It's refreshing to hear some actual instrumentation going on not just 'Beats' and 'Bass Drops'. The hook kicks in and it's an instant head knocker. The lyrics and flow are unique, they are basically just another layer of instrumentation over the already impressive work. It's not just a constant flow but rather chops and changes and keeps your ears tweaking for what comes next.

The production quality is sweet on the whole track. As mentioned earlier, I'm a big of the music throughout the whole track. I always love hearing some guitars being used in my Hip-Hop and the whole vibe makes me want to chill out on my couch with an old 'smoke' or two.

I'm pretty impressed with the vibe RENNAN gives off throughout the latest single. It's the first track I've heard and I'm hooked on him, eagerly awaiting to see what is to come and what has already been. He is a unique artist in this Aussie Hip Hop scene and I'm sure you will either love him or not, but you can't deny the talent that seeps through the very pores of the track.

If you enjoy DIY hip hop acts like 'The Streets' you're going to love this.

Lyrics: 4.5/5

Flow: 4/5

Delivery: 8/10

Beats: 9/10

Production: 8/

Would you go and see them: 5/5

Overall 85/100

Personal Enjoyment - 8.5/10

YouTube - Triple J - Spotify - Soundcloud

#Rennan #Sydney #BamBam #360 #TheStreets

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