PREMIERE: Blind Man Death Stare // Just Because It Feels Good [Exclusive Music Video Stream]

Hailed as one of Melbournes hardest working DIY punk outfits, Blind Man Death Stare have achieved a number of things in the years they've been together.

Most recently they've announced their brand new album "Comin in Hot" which drops on the 15th of March. Recorded by Jay Whalley of Frenzal Rhomb and Dan Antix at Def Wolf Studios and produced by Tim Maxwell of Loser. "Comin in Hot" is yet another chapter in the relentless and seemingly unstoppable charge of Blind Man Death Stare. The release will be supported by extensive UK/Euro and Australian touring.

The music video showcases the personality of Blind Man Death Stare, throughout an afternoon in the city slinging some pizzas, juxtaposed with a punky room where the band plays.

You can stream it on Spotify here or watch the music video below.

// You head on tour next month, now touring, how is it compared to what you'd imagine it to be? //

It's exactly what we imagined it to be. It's fun travelling around the world playing shows with your best buds.

// You've been a band for a while now, and played with some sick bands. what have been some of your highlights? //

Punk Rock Holiday and Rebellion Punk Festival were highlights for us as they're two of the best festivals around. We had a lot of fun and played with some great bands. Check out the line up for Rebellion 2019!

// What does the future hold for you guys, in terms of this release? //

We are releasing the new album through Disconnect Disconnect Records in the UK and First Street Records in Australia, which is a DIY label we've started. We're working on the next album as we speak.

// Where do you draw inspiration from? //


// Creating and writing process, what’s it like? //

Generally we get high and come up with whatever comes to mind, wherever we may be. We've written songs without any instruments while being away on the road in hotels or at parties. It's always a fun process and we're never short of ideas.

// What does having a band that you can tour with mean to you? //

It means to me what owning a bicycle means to a cyclist.

// The biggest set back, and the thing you’re most grateful for with regard to your career as a band? //

The biggest set back we have faced is having unexpected line up changes within the band while having a heavy tour schedule. Some of the tours, we didn't even know if we could make them happen. Despite that, we kept pushing forward and making it work. What we're most grateful for now is that we have a solid line up of great musicians with a shared determination and drive.

// What does the live music scene mean to you? //

The live music scene means to me what the Tour De France means to a cyclist with a bicycle.

// What is your dream local festival line-up, that you could be a part of? //

Stereosonic will always be the dream.

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