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//Can you give me a bit of a background about yourself and where you're from?//

Born and raised in the ol’ 43 Ipswich city. As for background, I’m basically the ADD kid in school who’d steal your hot wheels car from across the separation fence and never actually give you a better one in return like I said I would. Yeah, that little shit.

//How long have you been writing and rapping for?//

Way too long! Since I was 13, so 8 years in total. I wrote my first rap at 9 to an N.W.A track on my brothers mp3 player and starting taking it a little more serious in my teens.

//How did you fall into the rap scene?//

You said it perfectly bro, I literally fell into it. I loved rap and everything else just gravitated towards me, naturally. You receive the energy you put out. In my earlier years I had some advice from some dope cats who are pretty up in the game making waves now which is still helping me out to this day. I didn’t associate with the actual scene for years because I was so far out from Brisbane that I was kinda isolated.

//What is the origin of the name ?

Good question, funnily enough it started out as a tag in grade 5 I put all over my school - For real though, when I was super hard into video-games like Counter-Strike, my mate hooked up the alias for me and it’s stuck from there. It was originally just “Enkore” but I realised I needed a justification for when I release some different shit so I added the rest on. I don’t really like it all that much but people say it works, so no sweat. //Which three artists would you consider to be your biggest inspiration?//

Jimi Hendrix, Nas and John Frusciante. I listen to literally everything on this planet bro it’s so bad, from rap to 80’s synthwave stuff, to 70’s psychedelic rock; so many influences you couldn’t even begin to imagine. But those three definitely shaped me as an artist.

//Who do you have your eye on in the local scene?//

So much talent, young and old, killing it at the moment it’s ridiculous. It’s legit the greatest time for music here, I swear. Some cats who are smashing it at the moment of course ya boy SWXFT, bny, Devias from GC has wicked flow, then you got all the Syntax Boys, Skrub, legit BNE has got this, we all murk it and they’ll know. //What are some of the most memorable things you've done or been a part of in the time you’ve been an Emcee?//

In all honesty bro, one of the most memorable things was at the Wrong End Of The Valley 2016 when the security cut our set short and we kept rapping until they kicked us out and everyone was so psyched. Looking back in hindsight I can get it now, but when you’re 18 and you think you run shit, you don’t give a shit. I'm acting as if I’ve changed hahahaha, I'm 21 now, and I still think I run shit. I haven’t been a part of the scene for very long, because I was so isolated I kinda just sat in the lab and cooked up for years, I didn’t focus on the network side of things, I was just all about the music for 3 or 4 years, that’s probably what separates me a-lot from other cats. I got to find my musical identity much before I ever ventured out on that path. Now that I can touch a keyboard, guitar or notepad & spawn some hectic shit because of all the time, sweat & late nights I put into it, I love being more on the social side & getting out there as an emcee.

//How do you view you and your journey now as opposed to when you started?//

When I first started it was legit just a turtle beach headset, a cracked version of FL and just rhymes. Now it’s a studio, mixing, mastering, networking, organising, marketing & all this other extra shit, people letting you know how much your stuff impacted them is the coolest most humbling shit on the planet too. But you can also see why dudes like Black Flag just keep it about the music. For me though, none of that stuff feels like work, I love it & live for it, it gives me purpose which is something I and a lot of us never had as kids/teens. //What's some of your favourite wordplay / lyrical content?//

“I drink Moët with Medusa, give her shotguns in hell, from the spliff that I lift & inhale”

- Nas - It Ain’t Hard To Tell

I quoted this to a girl in grade 9 and tried explaining why it was the best shit in the planet for like 40 minutes and she moved desks away from me the next day. //Can you explain what goes on during the writing process?//

It’s honestly different for everybody. I used to write in one session, record it straight away and the rest was history. Now, I take it much more seriously. For instance, I’ll write a couple punches while I’m scat at 4 in the morning on a Saturday or 8 odd bars one evening after work with a beer; then the next day piece them like a puzzle together and then work on it over a period of 3 days or a week. Might take some previous bars from another track and move them in. I write back the front most often, from the end back to the start. I always write the start piece last unless it’s one of those G-up tracks. Some tracks take me like a month to write and complete, legit. You can’t force it, just gotta take it as it comes. I always write the best shit off my cracker on a 5 day bender but, not that anyone else should…

//What does your latest release mean to you?//

“Hellboy” is my latest release. It truly means a lot to me bro, I said things in that track I’ve never told people, not even my best mates. I cried recording that. I can’t listen to it really, It’s the story of my life, just raising hell, self destruction and emotional chaos. I know there’s a million lads out there who can relate with me, we just do everything 100000% percent. it’s just a destructive mentality. Always in some shit, fucking everything up for ourselves whether it’s relationships, friendships, family, finances, you name it. //What does the Aussie scene mean to you? If there is one thing about it that you could change, what would it be?//

The Aussie scene is bangin' right now. So much talent from our home-land it’s ridiculous. We got so many diverse styles it’s beyond, we’re gonna take this shit over, trust. It’s our time. Better yet it’s fucking MY time. The only thing I would change is that indie cats hate rap and rappers hate indie cats. I’m bout to bridge that gap by the end of 2019 though, mark my words it’ll be a first in this country my LP is off the rails, more info coming soon. For real but, gutter rap is the most raw portrayal of our slums, that’s the shit I really dig.

//You dropped ‘Roll In Peace’ remix back in April last year, how has the reception been?// Reception has been deadset crazy, I uploaded that as a promo, not expecting anything at all, then the shit just went off. The biggest thing for me is the love people showed. It wasn’t just “dope” in the comments, people really took time to tell me how much they appreciated it and related to it. The support I get from my city bro, lost for words, honestly. That’s what really gets me ay, some dudes even wrote paragraphs with analysis on it! Had rappers even start doing their own “Roll In Peace” remixes. Fucking nuts, did not expect it and I’m so grateful it's ridiculous. Only the beginning but we gots plenty more in store skkkkkr. //How important is it to network with other artists?//

Network! Just get in your scene and love the fucker. Get to know people. People are cool? Of course they’re fucking gangsta they like the same shit you do… we’re all working together. I network with dudes I back and I make an attempt to always show love if I like something or even just push something I rate, no matter how big or local they are I hope others would do the same to me. I reach out all the time and I advise others to do the same. I have cunts who literally just ignore my shit on purpose, then big name dudes who really put on for me and that means a lot because they know their reach. I don’t want to beat around and fake some shit up your ass though, if you know I rate your stuff, you know you’re good and I want to work, that’s it. Let’s do business. We both benefit, we both grow, happy days. I’ll get the portfolio going asap, done. I didn’t network for like 2 years because I was so isolated and I’m kicking myself for it. At the end of the day, gotta back each other, yeah fuckin' oath we’re competitors and I’m the biggest for the competition bruzzy, trust. If anyone wants shum leshgedddit, but let’s be real no man’s that silly.


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