PREMIERE: Imagine The Rapper // Vices Feat: Anca

Isaac Smith (AKA Imagine the rapper) is an independent Hip hop artist who grew up in various towns around regional NSW Australia. Currently, he is based in Sydney. He was first introduced to hip hop while listening to Hilltop Hoods and Bliss n Eso during road trips, until the passing of his Uncle in in 2013.

A few years went by but then revisited his love for rap. The countless days of wagging school with his mates and listening to/writing music. Almost two years after he failed school, Isaac reached out to an Aussie hip hop artist by the name of Smizzy (former member of Mind Over Matter) who saw potential in the young rapper and began mentoring him in late 2017.

He went on to release his debut single 'Skizillz' (Prod. DJ Hoppa) in March of 2018 which received radio play on Melbourne's Plenty Valley FM. His latest release 'Glass Half Full' (Prod. James Crooks) was premiered on FBI radio in Sydney in February 2019, it also reached number 10 in the Triple J unearthed hip hop charts!

//When did you know you wanted to be a rapper?//

I’d have to say during my last year of high school. I was failing most of my subjects and I couldn’t write an essay to save my life but ask me to write a hot 16 and that was another story. I found myself studying hip hop to the point where it became an obsession. I’d wake up and eat my breakfast watching a 2 Pac interview, play music all day though class in my earphones, then work as dishy shift and rap to the sink until close .

//How was it working so closely with Smizzy?//

He mostly mentored me online as I was living in Muswellbrook when we first started talking. But his helped so much throughout my music career so far from linking me up with some awesome producers/mix engineers to even just giving me advice about what direction I should take some of my songs. He also runs a company called “Grow My Music” which has taught me a lot about the ins and outs of the industry and linked me up some dope artists from all over the country.

//How many sacrifices have you had to make to get where you are?//

I’ve made quite a lot , the biggest ones to me though would have to be quitting my apprenticeship as a chef or just loosing good mates over time since I’ve been so focused on my music .

//What does the live music scene mean to you?//

In my opinion there’s no better feeling then performing live. The Live music scene is the heart of the industry and it means a lot to me as a music lover and an artist, especially in this day and age where the government is making it harder and harder for live music venues and festivals to exist.

//What are some of your milestones and goals?//

My milestones would include …

- Getting my debut single “Skizillz (Prod. DJ Hoppa)” featured on the Wu invasion mix tape series.

- Attending the Grow My Music song writing holiday and getting to live/work with some amazing artists/producers.

- Doing my first ever live performance with my mate Solomon aka (Seup) in Sydney.

-Getting my song “Glass Half Full” played on FBI radio Sydney.

My goals would be to…

-Make a song with an artist I grew up listening to.

-Perform at a festival.

-Make music my full time job.

//What does this new single "Vices" mean to you?//

“Vices” is a song that tells a story about my struggles with alcohol, drugs and gambling and how I’ve used music as a positive addiction to find balance in my life . I wrote this song after coming out of a very dark time in my life and I’m glad that I have music there to keep me going.

//Can you walk us through some of the themes throughout the track?//

The themes in “Vices” include addiction, struggles, mental health, hope and persistence . In a nut shell the moral of the song is finding a way to remove the negative things in your life and replacing them with something positive and beneficial.

//How was it working with Anca?//

Anca is a pleasure to work with, not only does she have a unique voice but she is a machine on the piano and just so happens to be my roommate as well. You can expect to hear her on future projects of mine.

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