BONEZ - Alternative Queer Party [Gig Report]

So, what can anyone expect when they attend BONEZ Alternative Queer Party event? You get a great mix of entertainment throughout the night, with live bands, drag performances, lip sync challenges and DJ’s. Some amazing micro LGBTQIA+ market stalls. Nonetheless, to attend an all Queer punk/Alternative event like is would be an exciting prospect, a real celebration of alternative queer punk culture, in an all inclusive space. This is not your token Queer artist in a traditional non LGBTQIA+ space. This is by rain by LGBTQIA+ for the LGBTIA+.

As a contributor to Behind the Scene, a few good opportunities come our way and this is a bloody good gig if you can get it. Ever so recently, the opportunity arrived for Behind the Scene to attend the BONEZ Alternative Queer Party. This assignment seemed right up my alley, and I jumped at the chance. I love the Melbourne punk/alternative music scene and being a PR manager for a Rural LGBTQI A+ group, this would be like having my two communities come together and I these prospects were exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I follow LGBTQI musician/Performers and inclusive bands/festivals, however I have not yet attended a grass roots LGBTQIA+ event quite like this.

The night far exceeded my expectations, with a great mix of entertainment through the evening, with live bands, drag performances, lip sync challenges and DJ’s. Some amazing micro LGBTQIA market stalls, set up right inside the venue. The atmosphere was so welcoming for anyone, no matter their gender or sexuality, this is an all inclusive safe space to discover new bands, party while you dance to great tunes, meet new people and feel accepted.

The market stalls were a nice addition, the two stalls there on the night were Queer Fame and Alternative Rainbow Fitness. If you’re on the north side and looking for a great new gym and some fun fitness classes, I’d be checking them out because how else are you going to know if unicorn yoga is for you? Queer Fame is a Melbourne based apparel, celebrating LGBTQIA+ culture. They have so many great t-shirts and pins available you can check them out on Facebook and Etsy. The market stalls are nice education add-on; it might be little unorthodox to sign on to your new fitness class at a bar but why the heck not.

The live bands for the start of the night were a Footscray Alternative Indie Band Way Shit, and Melbourne Indie Punk Band Hard Waters. The live bands were followed by a Drag performance by the artist named Archie Arsenic, who is a talented gender non conforming Drag performance artist. It was safe to say the BONEZ Alternative Queer party had the night’s entertainment well covered.

They also have affordable drink specials which comes in handy, later in the evening when you’re living your "RU Paul" drag race, LIP synch fantasy in front of large supporting crowd. I did this stone cold “Steve Austin” sober and still a total rush. I think the overall vibe of the night was inclusive, it was a real celebration of both punk and LGBTQIA+ culture. You can find Bonez events up monthly or bi-monthly on Smith St, Fitzroy.

The next line up for the alternative queer party is SlugBucket, Cystic Nightmare and drag performer Weird Alice!

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