Us Fest Announced -Yours Truly X Between You And Me X Columbus X RedHook + Way More!!!!

It's not every day Sydney gets a new festival, I know a lot of you have been pretty worried about the future of live music, but fret not! Us Fest is the freshest take on a Festival in some time. The lineup consists of some of the best up and coming bands in the Aussie Scene as well as some of your fan favourites.

Going deeper into the lineup and its apparent that the vast majority of these bands have got some serious credibility in the scene. Better yet, the lineup is made up of a minimum 50% bands with at least one non-male identifying member. It's so great seeing a true unification of our scene.

I'm well aware that you're prolly looking at the poster and questioning some of smaller bands and curious as to what to expect.

Below you will find 5 of what we would call wild cards, bands who you probably haven't heard before. You're welcome.

-Grenade Jumper-

-Down For Tomorrow-



-The Last Martyr-

UsFest was dreamt up by RedHook vocalist Emmy Mack, in partnership with her childhood friend Tiana Jarvis, Emmy says the inspiration behind UsFest came from wanting to turn a negative situation into a positive one, and thus helping raise funds to support the important work of Girls Rock Sydney

"There’ve been a lot of important conversations happening around the issue of gender diversity on Aussie festival lineups in recent years. And the heavy scene - which has been overwhelmingly male-dominated throughout history - has come under particular scrutiny. With Us Fest, I wanted to create something positive that brought us together instead of tearing us apart. I wanted to go beyond simply ‘calling out’ the problem to offer what might hopefully be the start of a solution - creating meaningful change at the grassroots level in the hope of starting to see things shift in the treetops."

You can view the entire lineup below and join the Facebook event here.

Yours Truly

Between You And Me




The Dead Love

Sienna Skies

Stellar Addiction

The Last Martyr

Down For Tomorrow

Grenade Jumper




BIG Music Bandits

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