Infinite Illusion // Behind The Band

//Give us a brief history of the band?//

Infinite is the definition of a band that formed around already strong friendships. Liam, Sam, and Tate studied together and formed a strong bond before even realising that we had a similar interest in heavy music. We'd always be on the lookout for new music in class and be sharing and influencing each other's musical tastes. Sean and Jack were already friends with Sam and Tate and thus through mutual contacts and strong friendships, Infinite Illusion was born in April of 2018.

//Where does the name Infinite Illusion stem?//

Infinite Illusion (originally named An Infinite Illusion, later dropping the "An") was a name that our Guitarist, Sam, came up with well before the band formed and it was pretty well set in stone before the five of us came together. Sam, Jack, and Tate had been playing music together for a very long time under the name so we all agreed to let it stick. Sam formed the name one afternoon as it represented his view on life and the way society works - simple as that.

//Can you explain the process of writing this EP? Were there any drawbacks, or struggles?// The EP was one of the easiest writing experiences we've been through. Sam is a Riff Wizard so he'd always bring us new ideas and new motifs that we could use, we'd then build on the singular riffs as a band and slowly started to create our sound from that.

Lyrically the EP is very heavy, attacking a lot of different issues that plague young adults and especially young musicians, across the world. I personally just write lyrics that have come from past experiences or experiences that have an impact on my life. The first five tracks tell a story of the struggles of dealing with anxiety and depression as seen through a third eye, with the final track, "Afterthought" being a love song.

//Your latest release 'Bloom' features the legendary CJ McMahon. What is it like working with CJ?//

Ha Ha Ha, yes, we've had the privilege of having Jesus himself, CJ on our side. His feature gives me the very difficult task of vocally being alongside him. He also helped produce the rest of the record giving us his invaluable advice for making our sound come to life. He's been an incredible addition to the team and we all can't thank him enough.

//What song on the EP means the most to you? Why?

'Afterthought'. is definitely the song that means the most to me as a whole. It's a song that was a love song turned bad, and is about someone that I never ever thought I'd write this about. She's a public figure who is known by a fair few people, so I won't name names, but she got me fucked up bad. This song allowed me to really express the anger I felt at the time, but also the beauty in the message it taught me.

//What are the plans for Infinite Illusion in the future?//

We've got a lot in the works right now. Obviously, the EP has been forefront in terms of our focus however along with that I can happily confirm that along with the EP we've been planning a string of shows (a massive Sydney one), vinyl pressings of the EP and a nice extensive merch run.

//What is your favourite thing about performing live?//

It's another world for me. It's hard to explain but if you've seen me on stage you'll know what I mean. (come to a show *cough*)

//If you could change one thing about the scene, what would it be?//

I love Sydney, but less egos and more support would be lovely.

//Who should we look out for in the heavy scene for 2019?//

Some of my personal favourites are Kaskeid, Inertia, Above Below and Isotopes. Those boys are doing massive things and i'm so excited to see more of all of them in 2019. Much love lads x

Inifinite Illusion are playing a string of shows in the next month that you can catch down below!

Hara Kiri┃Infinite Illusion, Valhalla, Blight & Hollow Haven:

Sunday, April 7th

Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood

Reliqa | Infinite Illusion, Valhalla:

Saturday, April 13th

The Newsagency, Camperdown

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