Avalons Peak // Stories Untold [EP Review]

Band: Avalons Peak

Release: Stories Untold

Area: Sydney

Date of release:

Genre: Alt Rock

For Fans Of: Kinds Of Leon, The Amity Affliction, Lifehouse

"I'll wear the scars that wear you out"

"Stories Untold" is the debut release from alt-rock five piece Avalons Peak. Formed in 2016, Avalons Peak hail from Sydney and their name has been thrown around a lot lately, and they've been making traction with their live performances. Now it is finally time to see how they go in the setting of a studio!

'Scars' is a really well rounded intro track, starting off with a heavily bass driven riff which slowly takes on a more electric synthy quality, Somewhere between Lighthouse and Avantasia. The songwriting and structure throughout is fairly safe, granted it does feature a myriad of dulled down blast effects and sweet harmonies.

As it enters into 'Oxygen', there is a slight disjointed feeling about the transition and consistency in the sound. Though, this does not devalue the song; it has an especially incredible peak towards the end where strings come in and completely carry the song to another level. Throughout the song it had epic points where the spaces were filled with cool electronic synths which set a good shift in dynamics and kept anticipation.

'Die With Me' comes in gently as arpeggiated keys and a xylophone play in duet. A few bars in the song breaks and uplifting chanting opens up the song. I especially love the ascending strings in the verses of this song. It seems as though they've used strings in parts of their signature sound, but I think that it could have been used in a way that wasn't over-saturating the sound. Maybe, it could have been used in parts to create and build tension, or even polarize and use the sound to release tension I LOVE strings, don't get me wrong, but there is a time and place for everything and sometimes when things are used sparingly, it makes them just the more effective. The chorus is classic and feel-good and I can feel the inspiration of some 2000's rock, some Band Of Horses vibes.

By now, the narrative of "Stories Untold" has started to unravel. 'Die With Me' begins with a grouping of stringed and somewhat orchestral sounding samples which lead into a really heartfelt song, you know something you'd find on a more recent The Amity Affliction release, but instead of going full screams, vocalist Rodney Parks lulling vocals come in with some gang vocals coming in for the "Woahs".

Now, we come to the grand finalé and title track "Stories Untold". I started getting a real earthy vibe with 'Stories Untold' the chorus is another classic 2000s rock feel, very Kings Of Leon esque. The only downfall, though it is consistent in their sound is that their similarity with 2000's rock is that it might pass-by many potential listeners as it offers so much potential. A lot of the tracks are amazing, they hit the heart with full force and there is no doubt theres talent oozing from every which-direction with Avalons Peak. The only problem is a little bit of originality. I think that these guys definitely have it within them.

I will be watching closely, personally, as this is only their first release I can see that if these guys work on honing their sound in, they will become something truly special.

Vocals: 8/10

Guitars: 8/10

Bass: 8/10

Drums: 7/10

Lyrics: 4/5

Would You Go And See Them (WYGAST) 5/5

Mixing: 7/10

Production: 15/20

Structure: 15/20

Overall: 77/100

Personal Enjoyment: 8/10

#AvalonsPeak #Lifehouse #Avantasia #BandOfSkulls

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