Bloom // Infinite Illusion [Single Review]

Song: Bloom

Artist: Infinite Illusion

Release: Single

Area: Sydney

Genre: Metalcore

For Fans Of: Architects, Northlane, A Day To Rememeber, Thy Art Is Murder

Next Gig:

Sunday, April 7thBendigo Hotel, Collingwood,

Saturday, April 13th The Newsagency, Camperdown

“We are so bright, we are the diamonds at war”

The Sydney metalcore scene should be prepared for the hostile take-over that soon will ensue at the sonic grasp of Infinite Illusion. Their latest release 'Bloom' features none other than the veteran of metal himself, C.J McMahon. C.J also assisted in the production of 'Bloom' and the wonderful job of mixing was done by the boundlessly talented Mark Williamson.

'Bloom' has completely catapulted Infinite Illusion a world away from their previous release, adding much more dynamic to their composition and coming into a full rounded sound that, when I listened, I instantly thought to myself "This is who they are."

Liam (vocalist) opens up the track with cleans. The reminiscent tones, akin to Jeremy Mckinnon if I were to compare, are so easy to listen to. We hear distant drums on what almost feels like a punk beat with basic, chords being strummed along with the vocals. The drums begin to direct themselves forward, hurdling us into an explosion of thick, heavy beats and a riff that is so expansive and captivating as much as it is chuggy and heavy.

The mixing and production really compliments this song as the layers can truly be heard and are an extremely vital part to this song. It reveals feelings of melancholy, yet simultaneously it invokes liberation. This is accentuated well with the video clip that they released with the single.

As Immersive as the ocean. 'Bloom' pulls you in and pushes you back in such a way that you don't even realise you're caught in the rip. Drifting slowly and riding the waves. It's beautiful, as much as it is powerful. This is something that I always look for in music - an understanding of dynamics and their placement. For this track, I do believe the main composition came from Sam (lead guitar) who has truly done an outstanding job. I will say that the composition is not out-of-the-box or genre bending in any way, but not every band has to be. If it is done well, it is done well.

The breakdown is fucking nuts, it's just fucking nuts. Wow. C.J was a great addition adding a great level of texture that just made it so explosive and really just hit you in the face with speed-of-light velocity. But in saying that, I do believe that Liam could have definitely pulled this track off by himself and it could have had the same impact.

'Bloom' is the debut single off of their upcoming EP and oh boy, are we going to be in for a treat. I cannot wait for whatever these boys have in store for us next!

Vocals: 9/10

Guitars: 10/10

Bass: 9/10

Drums: 8/10

Lyrics: 3/5

Would You Go And See Them (WYGAST) 5/5

Mixing: 10/10

Production: 20/20

Structure: 18/20

Overall: 95/100

Personal Enjoyment: 10/10

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