Triple One // Butter [Single Review]

Artist: Triple One

Release: Butter

Area: Sydney, NSW

Date of Release:

Genre: Hip-Hop

For Fans Of: Juice WRLD, Allday, Flume, Thundamentals

"Aye yay, yung pup still back with the savagery if they want the drama Still keep on padding this broken heart with designer armor"

I’m going to start this bluntly, if you said anything to me about Australian hip hop 5 years ago, I would have laughed at you. My memories were still plagued by the sub-genre being largely associated with the names MC Kerser and 360 and I didn’t want a bar of it. If you told me that a new wave of Australian rap would be filled with incredibly talented artists that consistently produce bangers, I would have laughed at you even harder. But here we are, and thankfully, Triple One have me eating my words in a sandwich finely spread with some Butter, and its god damn tasty.

To set the record straight, I actually did catch a bit of this Sydney quartet’s set at least year’s Bigsound Festival in Brisbane whilst my mind was absent and wandering aimlessly because I was more interested in scoping out the fest’s heavy band’s on offer. Looking back, I regret not paying more attention as these guys pump out a vibe that I would absolutely mess with in a live setting or home alone on the floor in my bathroom a few hot ones deep into my Sunday sesh. Butter wouldn’t have been on offer due to how recently it’s been released, but you can absolutely bet this is going to get some spins on my chiller playlists.

The song sets a somber mood with a soft and catchy hook that thankfully returns multiple times and glues the song together as a very strong chorus. The rapping sections stick with this feel, painting these softer lyrics with a smooth flow and mostly gentle delivery in comparison to a track that can get a bit more aggressive, such as Overflow, which is another song of theirs I recommend listening to. This diversity really lends to how talented Triple One are, as my above suggestions for similar artists don’t paint a proper picture of their own unique sound which can’t be pigeonholed into one particular genre. On top of the musicianship on display here, Butter has a music video that really tugs on your heart strings and compliments the audio beautifully.

The song falls into the same kind of category of tunes that you want to listen to just as much as you don’t. The music itself can make you smile, bop your head and sing along to the catchy melodies, but the lyrics can put the listener into a melancholic mess that has them reminiscing on fonder times in their life. Maybe getting fixated on a lost lover from the past, or moments of pure joy that have slipped away into the deep abyss of time, only arising during one’s moments of solitude. Alone on the previously mentioned bathroom floor, maybe being isolated with your own thoughts whilst drifting off in thought in the bath tub hits closer to home for you. Triple One do a remarkable job of capturing and emulating these feelings through both the visual and audio aspects of this song and deserve massive props for it.

It’s been a few months now, but my friends have been rallying behind Triple One for a while and I totally get the hype. It really only took me a couple of listens to turn my opinion on this once frowned upon genre in the Australian music scene, so I highly recommend everyone jumps on this bandwagon alongside the rest of the world. Regardless of your music taste, these guys are worth your time and attention so get on board.

Lyrics: 4.5/5

Flow: 8/10

Delivery: 8/10

Beats: 9/10

Production: 9/10

Would you go and see them: 5/5

Overall 86/100

Personal Enjoyment - 8.5/10

#TripleOne #JuiceWRLD #Allday #Flume #Thundamentals

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