Thornhill X Diamond Construct X Apate X Vitals @ Black Bear Lodge [GIG REPORT]

Headliner: Thornhill & Diamond Construct

Supports: Apate, Vitals

Date: 26th of April, 2019

Venue: Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

Presented By: Destroy All Lines

Photos: Sam Peina

Following their latest single release, ‘Coven’, Thornhill are taking Diamond Construct around the country to give Australians a taste of some of their finest up and coming bands. Locals Apate and Vitals rounded out the lineup to bring a great, albeit rare, sold out heavy show to The Black Bear Lodge.

- Vitals -

Vitals opened up the night with some melodic hardcore and unfortunately copped a bit of tough luck on the technical side of things, with lead guitar issues and a broken kick pedal to take away from the overall quality of their set, with frustration being visible at times. I am unsure to what extent this affected the band as they kind of looked a bit jaded as a result, I felt as though their stage presence suffered as they seemed less than enthused at times, which is understandable. The crowd gradually grew in numbers as their set went on and the room began to get a bit cozier, patrons were definitely ready to go by the time Apate hit the stage.

- Apate -

The aforementioned technical difficulties played into Apate’s favour in a way, pushing set times back 10-15 minutes allowed more people to bear witness to what may have been the band’s tightest set I’ve ever seen them play. Vocalist, Zakk Ludwig’s charisma was on full display with constant crowd interaction throughout, and guitarist, Caleb Patch, hit his finest cleans to date in the chorus of ‘Spit You Out’. The energy was palpable and these boys commanded the stage to get Brisbane nice and warmed up for ‘Coven’s’ tour package. Members of the crowd new to these nu-metal laden tracks were headbanging enthusiastically and asking me about them after everything was said and done, and that’s exactly what you want to achieve with a live set.

- Diamond Construct -

Diamond Construct were up next and achieved my personal ‘band of the night’, they played great and if Apate commanded the crowd, DC dominated them. Kynan Groundwater the vocalist, had the Black Bear Lodge sitting on his every word, every request for a side to side bounce, circle pit and even a wall of death (in a very confined space mind you) and the crowd was happy to oblige. The band was perfectly in sync from start to finish, almost to a fault, as every drum hit, guitar dip and belting vocal was exactly where it needed to be in this seemingly short set. I happened catch wind of DC also experiencing technical difficulties with their laptop, which affected the overall value of experiencing their songs in a live setting, but didn’t take away from the great experience of live music they had on offer. This allegedly also cut their set short, totalling in 4 playable songs which somewhat benefitted Thornhill, re-aligning (mostly) the late set times so our headliners could beat the venue’s 11pm curfew.

- Thornhill -

By the time Thornhill had made it to the stage, bodies were flooded into Black Bear in a mass of sweaty shoulder-to-shoulder patrons ready for the night to climax. I stationed myself further back than my positions watching the previous bands due to the pending chaos and wanting to watch in comfort. Thankfully, the crowd seemed a little more subdued, perhaps due to fatigue from going too wild during Diamond Construct, and it made the set a little more enjoyable for me. One thing I that I feel had to be mentioned, while Thornhill and every band sounded great tonight, the sound limitations at Black Bear restricted every act from sounding as best as they possibly can. The sound isn’t as up to scratch as locations such as the Brightside or Crowbar and more could have potentially been achieved in showcasing their music.

Complaints aside, Thornhill are a fantastic band I have passively listened to over the past 12 months and they’ve never failed to impress me. This was my first time experiencing them in a live setting and I cannot praise Jacob Charlton enough for having an absolute mastery of his vocal chords, as well as the rest of the band for playing their parts to a tee. I’m very keen to see where they go from here and highly recommend catching any of the remaining shows in Adelaide and Perth, Sydney has sold out.

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