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Tell us about the journey so far with Down For Tomorrow

We’ve been a band for 3 years now, and we’ve become very close mates in that time. We’ve met some amazing people and formed some bromances with other bands and people in the industry, it really is special getting to write, play music and work with such helpful and talented people. Some of the experiences you have just from being in a band, you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

What is the origin of your name?

It came about when Henry was messaging a girl he wanted to see, asking if she was still “down for tomorrow”. There you have it.

Your last single ‘What Could Have Been’ has had a great reception, What's the creating and writing process like?

That was the last song we wrote for the batch of demos we went into the studio with in February-March last year. Usually our writing process starts off with Cody (guitar + vocals), he’ll provide the foundation for the song and then we’ll all come together and workshop it, changing and rewriting parts where needed, and then we’ll do pre-production in the studio before we record it.


What does your new single ‘Thanks To You’ mean to you?

‘Thanks To You’ is meant to hit close to home. The song is about one-way friendships and the negative effect it can have on someone who invests a lot of time and effort into someone who just doesn’t care enough. It’s collectively our favourite song as a band. (So far)

You Played UsFest recently, what was it like sharing the stage with Redhook and Ocean Sleeper?

Absolutely unreal. Massive props to Emmy Mack and Tiana Elyse for organising that festival and having us as part of it. To be able to play alongside many phenomenal bands, for such a good cause too, was very satisfying for us. It will go down as one of our favourite shows we’ve ever played.

What was the main reason you wanted to start a band?

Our love for our idols Green Day and Silverchair kind of kickstarted the whole thing, with hopes that we could somehow replicate them. I think another reason is that we wanted to communicate our ideas and thoughts through some form of art with hope that it resonates with our friends and fans.

Do you have a pre- show routine, what's it like?

Sam and Cody will do vocal warm ups, Henry will stretch, and Tom will pretty much rewire his entire set up. Right before we go on stage, we’ll get in a huddle, wherever we all are in the venue, and say random words on three.

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