Zeolite X Arteries X Xenobiotic X Inhuman Remnants X Hostel @ Transit Bar [GIG REPORT]

Headliner: Zeolite

Supports: Arteries, Xenobiotic, Inhuman Remnants, Hostel

Date: 25th of May, 2019

Venue: Transit Bar, ACT

Presented By: Gozer Bookings

Photos:Nathan J Lester FULL GALLERY BELOW


Opening up for the night were long-time local metalcore dudes, Hostel. As they plunged us into their dark opener, they set the mood for the heavier and darker bands to come, a hard task for a metalcore band. The best part of any Hostel show is the loud and aggressive drumming that doesn't seem to stop the entire set, the passion and ferocity of the drummer is quite awesome to witness, and you can't fake it. The actual performance of the band was varied, the guitars and bass were both quite fair, and as before stated, the drumming was top notch, but the vocals seemed a little poor. I found the screams to be a little bland, not exactly TERRIBLE, but mediocre and a mile apart from the other vocalists of the night. However I am going to chalk this down to the vocalist having a bad day or something similar, as I have seen this band MANY times before this show and the vocals weren't nearly as bad.


This was my very first time seeing Inhuman Remnants live. And I must say, I was NOT disappointed in the SLIGHTEST. The guitar and bass playing were absolutely fantastic and those guitar tones melted my face off more and more with every strum. One interesting thing about this band, is that the vocalist seemed to be completely allergic to being on stage. He did not get on stage ONCE, preferring to stay right in the crowd or walk around the venue with his wireless mic, making occasional stops. Stops that included slouching over the bar about 20 minutes from the stage, whilst continuing to scream and growl like an absolutely maniac the entire time. This little walking adventure provided the peculiar experience of half the audience looking in the complete opposite direction of the other half, a sight to be. I highly look forward to seeing this band again!


Wow. What a band. My first time ever hearing Arteries was a pleasantly brutal experience, and you bet the device you're reading this off that I immediately added their music to my Spotify playlist!

Nailing down the exact style of metal that this band plays is hard for me, as I don't a have lot of experience listening to this area of metal, but I'm definitely enjoying it thus far! I personally found the riffage to be highly satisfying and the drumming to be excellent thanks to the INCREDIBLE Zak Borg. The bass had a surprising amount of attack, though that is subjective. My overall experience of this set was excellent, pure riff brutality would emerge out of nowhere, sufficiently complemented and supported by the peerless drumming and loud vocals.


Xenobiotic was probably the most agressive band of the whole night, thanks to the fast death metal experience that they brought to the table. Tremolo picking and and low vocals would carry this set into the pits of hell itself. But in no way was this all they brought to the table, surprisingly melodic solos would appear seamlessly to give us a break from the crushing riffs. The crowd seemed to appreciate this slight change of mood before getting back into the brutality, myself included I honestly cannot wait for this band to return to Canberra so I can once again indulge in this heavy delight.


Ah, the headliners. They 100% DESERVED to be the headliners because holy crap were they so damn good! Everything was perfect, from the bass to the drumming, from the vocals to the guitar. Crushing music but not based purely on mindless heaviness, as there was a musical side to it all that represents skillful songwriting. The whole damn crowd was ridiculously happy with what was happening on stage, and I must say that was one happy fanboy. I CANNOT fault their set in the slightest, though perhaps my opinion is biased because I already love this band, but honestly a flawless set in my humble opinion. If you missed this night then I hope you feel shame for the rest of your life, and you can bet said life that the next time Zeolite head my way, I WILL have ticket number 001.


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