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// Tell us about the journey so far with HANDLES //

HANDLES started as an acoustic folk duo. Luke Hanlon and I were studying Jazz Music (both trumpet players) down in South Australia but had a love of ALL music. We began to write indie/folk music and play bar/café gigs over the weekend.

When Luke moved back to Cairns at the beginning of 2017, we thought we should give it a crack as a full band. Andy and Jordan Brodie (lead guitar) went to school and played in jazz bands together and Luke, Max McLachlan (Bass) and Ned McLachlan (drums) (they are brothers) went to school together also playing in bands. Since rehearsal no. 1 we knew something cool could be created, with various different tastes in music

// You've been a band for a little while now, what have been some of your highlights? //

Some big highlights for us as a band were our first single, "Selfish Lover" reaching No.1 on the overall Triple J Unearthed charts. We finished up our first ever tour recently and had SOLD OUT crowds in Cairns and Brisbane, which was amazing. I think a highlight for many bands is the first time you hear a whole crowd singing the words of your songs back to you! Another highlight for us was playing at an iconic venue in Cairns, Tanks Arts Centre, in May of last year. This was a goal for all of us as band so was awesome to play there.

// Creating and writing process, what’s it like? //

The writing and creating process is a bit unusual for us as a band. I live down in Brisbane currently and am finishing off my University studies. All of the other guys live up in Cairns. I predominantly write the music for the band. Our process involves me recording myself with a new song on my phone, writing down the lyrics and chord changes and sending this through to the guys. From here, the rest is history. Having a total of 4 hours of rehearsing together as a band for a tour makes it quite hard sometimes, but we make it work the best we can. The plan is to all be in the same city in the second half of this year and tour a lot more (already stuff falling into place).

// The biggest set back, and the thing you’re most grateful for with regard to your career as a band? //

The biggest set back for us as a band is not being able to rehearse constantly. We don't have this luxury with me still living down in Brisbane. I believe we can take this band to the next level with all living it together and rehearsing frequently. With our creative process, sometimes ideas are interpreted a lot differently from what the initial core was. This is sometimes hard, but also, at the same time, quite exciting! The thing we're always most grateful for is the support. All 5 of us in the band have amazing support networks. We are also just so grateful to play our music to people and see smiles on their faces and people screaming out the lyrics. It's a super cool feeling.

// What does the live music scene mean to you? //

The live music scene is everything to us. That's the reason we play music. Getting to show everyone the hard work we put into our music is crazy on the live stage. Vibing out with support artists, catching up for post gig beers/feeds, seeing people's reactions and just being able to play is why the live music scene is so amazing.


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