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Crooked Colours X NYXEN X Kayex @ Cambridge Hotel [GIG REPORT]

Headliner: Crooked Colours

Supports: NYXEN, Kayex

Date: 9/6/19

Venue: Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle, NSW

Presented by: Triple J

Photos: Ashley Naylor

Wrapping up their massive Australian tour for their sophomore album, "Langata", the three-piece band known as Crooked Colours performed a sold out show at Newcastle’s The Cambridge hotel on Sunday the 9th of June. Supported by Nyxen and Kayex, it was a wild night of electrofunk dance. The atmosphere was electric as both artist and audience grooved the night away.


Opening the show were Kayex, the duo from Perth set the scene for the following acts. Warming up the crowd with their electrofunk original music created a groovy atmosphere. The funky bass slaps and spacey synth generated an aura which transcended through the audience, dancing was basically irresistible.

The best part of the set would have had to be the multi-instrumentalist who also played guitar and synth. It must be noted that the energy was maintained for the entire duration of their performance and peaked during their most popular songs such as ‘5:29’. They set the psychedelic tone for the whole night, with deep bass drops, spacey synths and melodic piano, something which is always hard for an opener, but superbly achieved by the duo.


The soloist Nyxen followed this performance, maximizing the ultimate groove of the night. The vibes couldn’t have been lifted further than what the multi-instrumentalist achieved.

Dancing onstage, and engaging with the audience, Nyxen teased a new release and played many classic covers, allowing the keen audience to belt out some of their favorite tunes including ‘Sweet Disposition’, ‘Sexual Feelings’ and ‘Walking on a Dream’. As the atmosphere came to a climax, a keen reveler straight-armed a beer.As if the mood couldn’t get any more charged, Nyxen finished off with the banger- ‘In The City’, and I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that not one person in the room wasn’t head bobbing to the absolute anthem.

The smooth transition from ballady verses to upbeat dance anthem chorus’, played on synthetic drum pads and guitar, kept the audience on their toes in a non-stop groove. The set filled with suspenseful and almost cathartic drops and was well appreciated by the entire crowd, who warmly cheered during the set as they excitedly awaited Crooked Colours.


To summarise it simply, Crooked Colours set was an ecstasy of colour, movement and extraordinary electronic dance music. It. Was. Sensational.

When the three-piece band Crooked Colours arrived onstage, the energized audience proceeded into a non-stop groove for the entire duration of their performance. Electronic waves vaulted through the crowd, and each beat recharged the splendorous audience into a sensational groove. The atmosphere was wonderous, it was as if you could feel the music. Each beat, each texture, each note. The performance Crooked Colours gave, was nothing but spectacular creating their own personalized environment to suit each songs aura. As my second time watching them live, I do believe they are a force to be reckoned with.

The trio gave it their all, and it payed off. The hypnotic synth, deeply suspenseful and extremely cathartic drops were complimented by the venues stunning display of vibrant lights of electric colours. It was truly amazing! The crowd was in an energized dance trance. As an audience member, I felt the rhythm of the music achieved by the extraordinary talent of each performer, playing their songs with precision during the entirety of their set.

However, what was the highlight of the performance? For some, it was the lead singer Phillip and the electric guitarist bouncing across stage during ‘Hold on’, or when Phillip held an audience member’s hands during ‘Do It Like You’.For others it was the synth players top notch timing throughout each and every song, or his spontaneous leap about stage whilst playing bass guitar during ‘Flow’. For many others it was every beat timed with spectacular accuracy and speed by the drummer for the entirety of the show. Personally, I am unsure of which part was most sensational, as each part complimented another to create such an iconic live performance. Each member played with such commitment which was recognized and appreciated by the roaring crowds.

To be a good live performer is crucial for any band, however Crooked Colours absolutely nailed it! Dancing across stage, teasing new music, reaching and calling to the audience, beautiful lighting and on point performance of each musical beat, the band had an insanely spectacular stage presence. However, what I liked most about their 50 minute performance, was the 1 minute wait for the encore. Rather than having to wait the typical, and very excruciating 5 minutes, they bounced back onstage performing another two songs. As they left no time for the energy of the crowd to fleet, the night closed on an absolute high. The joyous audience left speechless after witnessing such a captivating performance. For this reason, I can gladly guarantee this won’t be the last time I see Crooked Colours live. I look forward to the new music they teased and cannot wait till they return.

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